Where is Parental Kidnapper Aleidria Lichau?

On June 19, 2018 Aleidria Lichau (AKA Riversong Lichau) abducted her son from New York after a Family Court Hearing and related Family Court Evaluations. Aleidria Lichau, Riversong LichauA felony warrant for Kidnapping was issued for Aleidria Lichau on September 13, 2018.

Aleidria Lichau has a background in Sustainability and once gave a TEDx Talk.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Aleidria Lichau should contact the New York FBI Office at 1-212-384-1000.

Editor’s Note: In these cases, we have seen these proclaimed protective mothers attempt to get one-sided mainstream media stories as they setup their legal defense for parental kidnapping. We hope the mainstream media reporters don’t wrongfully allow her to further exploit her child in the media and on the Internet in this manner. These Family Court Custody Disputes involving young children belong in Family Court and not in the media. In Aleidria’s case, this child is now 7 years old. This child most likely had a strong relationship with his father and his extended family prior to June 19, 2018. What did Aleidria tell her son about his father and his extended family members. Are they alive or are they now dead?  Do they care about the child? Is the child using his birth name or another name? In this age of cell phones, Facetime and Skype, why hasn’t Aleidria allowed him to speak to his father and anyone else in the father’s family. What “LIE” or “LIES” did she tell him. What further emotional abuse has she inflicted on her own child? Can she afford medical care for her child?

It’s time for Law Enforcement to step up efforts to find Aleidria Lichau and bring her to justice and most importantly bring this 7 year old child home.

If Aleidria Lichau took her child abroad, that country should remand the custody case back to the New York Court. That country should respect the original jurisdiction of the case and should not allow the mother another forum to re-adjudicate the case. If a parent violates the court order and flees the jurisdiction, they should not be allowed to venue-shop. You can’t have American mothers or ones from other countries that don’t like the outcome of their custody case flee to another country to get a new forum or trial.

Finally, if Aleidria Lichau and other protective moms leave the country with their child(ren) — it is doubtful that she or other moms left the United States: 1) Filing their Income Taxes; 2) Paying off all credit card debt; 3) Without falsifying a passport or government document to leave the country; 4) Are not engaging in the crime of witness tampering with their allegations; 5) Are not emotionally abusing their child(ren) while hiding them from their biological parent and his family. These custody cases need to be heard in the court of initial jurisdiction. A parent should not be able to flee to another country to get a second ruling by kidnapping their child(ren). The evidence and the witnesses remain in the country of initial jurisdiction.

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