What kind of Divorcing Parent Would Violate a Judicial Court Order?


Photo Credit: Twitter @JoanneKMcD / Carolina Public Press

Many Divorcing parents in America who are unable to mutually agree on custody of their children end up in Family Court in front of a Judge. Some of these judges like Judge Thomas McAvoy “Mack” Brittain of Hendersonville, North Carolina are honorable, respectable and well qualified. When a judge like Judge Mack Brittain issues a judicial order, most reasonable people follow them. After sitting in court and going through a trial, the last thing any law-abiding person would want to do is violate any of a judge’s court order.

That is not the case of Joanne McDowell, after a Family Court Trial in front of of Judge Brittain, Joanne fled to Canada violating the Judicial Order to share custody of her son. There are media reports that after she left with her child crossing the border into Canada, she did not advertise her whereabouts. Since that parental kidnapping, the biological father has not seen or spoke to his child in over 6 years. And to make the situation even more horrendous, Joanne McDowell brags about her accomplishment on the Internet. She also blames Judge Mack Brittain, who was recently appointed as the chief district judge. Chief Justice Mark Martin of the North Carolina Supreme Court said “Judge Brittain has served with distinction as district court judge”.

Joanne McDowell also blames District Attorney Greg Newman who has filed Felony Warrants for the arrest of McDowell. McDowell who never finished law school calls this an illegal court order.

Editor’s Note: Joanne McDowell has no respect for America’s legal system and we simply don’t understand why she should not be extradited back to North Carolina to stand trial for the kidnapping charges. It is cruel for her to post inflammatory comments about the biological father of her child and we would assume that she is engaging in parental alienation. Joanne McDowell is no victim but she is a wanted fugitive in the United States. #ExtraditeHer

4 Responses to What kind of Divorcing Parent Would Violate a Judicial Court Order?

  1. Celeste says:

    Look at this, Miss McDowell just threatened me on Twitter,
    Anyway, take care. Just wanted to set the record straight. If you care to delete your inaccurate comments, or perhaps add where you got your information, I’d appreciate it very much.
    Thank you, Joanne
    How stupid can you possibly be to threaten someone on Twitter.

    • underwatch says:

      Celeste, you have unselfishly given your time to finding missing children and reunifying them with their searching parents that you do not deserve to be disrespected by Miss McDowell. The more facts that are disclosed in her case, the more she sounds like she is the alleged abuser. She may allegedly have some form of munchausen’s syndrome by proxy. She seems to fit the profile of the protective moms that kidnap their children. She had a child with physician and after the custody dispute made allegations. Her case went to evaluation and eventually a South Carolina Family Court Trial.During the trial it was alleged that she may have drugged her child and then video taped him to fabricate evidence. After losing the trial, as a Canadian Citizen she kidnapped her child to Canada to find a different venue. The Canadian Court should have referred the case back to South Carolina but did not. At the time, she was working on a law degree in North Carolina. She claims to have left voluntarily, but maybe she might have failed her classes. A Felony Warrant has been issued for her arrest in the United States. She has vented online that she receives no child support but does not provide any custody time to the father. We think Toronto Child Services and the US State Department should investigate the welfare of this child. Who knows what she has told the child about the biological father? Meanwhile, the father has moved along, is now married and has a new child. Joanne, like most protective moms could have simply shared custody. We had some conversations with her on Twitter and she seemed very positive her child’s biological dad was tweeting with her under our @underwatched Twitter account. She has a son that is Anerican-Canadian but we do not believe she can be emotionally available for her child. We suggest you block or mute her on Twitter. She ruined her life by kidnapping her child rather than sharing custody and now she is blaming others and threatening them.

      Finally, if Joanne simply would have shared custody she could have stayed in law school or found another school. She could have coparented with her child’s biological father like hundreds of thousands of other parents. When he remarried and had another child, that might have been difficult for her, but parents must think and act in the best interests of their children. From looking at Joanne’s Twitter account, with the Felony warrant she sadly complained about not being able to advance her career after kidnapping her child. She tweets about American politics but fled that country because she would not abide by its legal system. Like other protective moms, her impulsive decision to violate the court order and kidnap her child was a very bad choice. She needs to return to the United States and reunify her child with the biological father so that she can take responsibility for her actions.

      • Celeste Keenan says:

        I did go ahead and block her from my Twitter because of this. But not before I told her not to EVER threaten me because if she swings at me I’ll swing back. It’s stupid to do that to someone that she doesn’t know especially when it’s someone who will get the police involved if necessary.

      • underwatch says:

        Relationship with Dr -> Law School -> Parental Kidnapper -> Home School Parent = On Twitter all day — sounds like she is a welfare mom. She ruined her life. I feel sad for the child but maybe someday after he turns 18 he will come to the United States to see his biological father. He can also meet his step sibling.

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