Did Joanne McDowell Drug Her Own Child then Kidnap Him?


Photo Credit: Carolina Public Press

In a Hendersonville, North Carolina Family Law Trial there was court testimony1 that Joanne McDowell may have allegedly drugged her child then videotaped it as evidence during a court order custody transfer. Those types of tactics are well known as part of the “protective parent playbook” for the past several decades. Custodial embattled protective moms are coached by protected parent groups to do just about anything including to commit acts of civil disobedience to get sole custody of their child. A win at all costs strategy. In the acts of therapist and venue shopping, some of these protective moms will have their child evaluated by numbers of doctors for alleged abuse. Some experts have alleged these mothers to have a form of Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy.

Even after the Hendersonville trial verdict, Joanne McDowell ignored the Family Law Judge’s United States Court Order and fled to Canada where she was able to get Canadian Judge, Justice Carolyn Horkins of the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto to grant her custody. Felony Obstruction of Justice and Felony Child Abduction Charges were subsequently filed against McDowell.

Editor’s Note: Joanne McDowell is one of the only Protective Moms and alleged Parental Kidnappers that is being protected by a conflicting court order in another Country. From her social media posts, she home schools her child and has effectively has been able to block any custody time with her child and the child’s biological father. She claims her child suffers from PTSD. We believe it is time for Canada’s Child Aid Society and the United States of America’s State Department to perform a Safety, Health and Welfare Check on this young child. Past history tells us that this mother has allegedly inflicted emotional abuse on this child by not only the parental kidnapping but by the parental alienation. This protective mom has had a number of years to return to the North Carolina Court to clear her name and to act in the “best interests of the child” but she has not done so. Again, it’s time for someone in the system to stand up for this child’s rights — it’s obvious that McDowell is incapable of doing so.


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