Where is Angie Vu Ha today?

It was only 2016 Angie Vu Ha was jailed in New York City for attempting to kidnap her child to Vietnam. Angie Vu Ha, a celebrity DJ /Model would have rather had a relative care for her child while she traveled around the World. The child’s biological father in parents would eventually get residential custody of the child in Paris.

Angie Vu Ha would eventually be released from jail and this year she gave birth to another child with a new boyfriend. And apparently as she posts on Facebook her older daughter spends time with her. So even after being prosecuted for a parental kidnapping, Angie Vu Ha is able to move along with her life “in the best interests of the child.” It appears that the better parent to have primary custody is the father.

So other moms that have moved along are non-custodial mother Kelly Rutherford and Maya Tsimhoni. But you still have a handful of pathetic protective moms like Joanne McDowell and Genevieve Kelley that simply will sadly not share custody — it!s horrible that the courts are still not able to mandate a reunification with the child’s biological father. And even more pathetic that Joanne and Genevieve think there cases are much different the others.

Good for Angie Vu Ha for taking her custody tine with her child and moving forward with her life!

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