It’s Time to Extradite Alleged Parental Kidnapper Joanne McDowell


Alleged Parental Kidnapper Joanne McDowell (NC Felony Arrest Warrants Issued – Photo Credit: Carolina Public Press) 

In the United States, the last city/county that the parents lived in with the children has venue or jurisdiction over the case. So if one of the parents such as the case of Joanne McDowell wants to move to another city with the child, she will need the permission of that county Family Court. The mother can’t just move to another venue with the child which would be a parental kidnapping.

So it was apparent that Joanne McDowell didn’t want to stay in Hendersonville, North Carolina and share custody with her former spouse. And she did what many protective parents do, allegedly staged a video of her child after a custody transfer with related allegations against her former spouse, a physician. Does this sound familiar to those of us in the Family Abduction Community — you bet it does. This was a common tactic in the ’80s and ’90s. But the story doesn’t end her, Joanne McDowell who was in law school at Chapel Hill fled the jurisdiction and kidnapped her child to her native country Canada. And then she both shopped for a therapist in Canada and actually got a ignorant Canada Judge to give her custody. Wow, does that sound familiar — you bet it sadly does.

That was over 6 years ago and the Henderson County North Carolina elected District Attorney Greg Newman has filed Felony Kidnapping Charges against Joanne McDowell. But McDowell has somehow evaded the lame Hague Convention and has been extradited from Canada. Although not surprisingly, McDowell has not been able to finish law school at UNC Law School — and probably would more or less have difficultly becoming a lawyer in the United States with her felony charge.

We applaud Greg Newman for filing the felony charge against McDowell but would like to see some sort of justice for the father and child in this case. McDowell has wrongfully be able to obtain a Canadian Restraining Order against the father and his child which is pathetic. In most of these cases, the Canadian Judge should have had a phone conference with the U.S. Family Law Judge and ordered McDowell back to the United States. But the judge did not do that and allowed McDowell to venue shop. We think it is time for Newman to take steps to extradite McDowell. Possibly get a UFAP Warrant issued which Canada.

Editor’s Note: We don’t believe JoAnne McDowell is the victim here. We have seen her story before but it is time for a parent like her to step up for the Holidays and turn herself in to the North Carolina District Attorney. There is little doubt from looking at McDowell’s inflammatory posts on her social media accounts is that she has already engaged in parental alienation of her child. It is time for her to support a reunification of her child and his biological father. By doing so, maybe she could work to getting the felony warrant dropped and could return to law school in the United States. It’s probably not too late for her to finish her career path she started.

A final note on McDowell’s pathetic allegations against her former spouse. Dr. Katheleen Faller of the University of Michigan a very long time ago promoted a theory about these protective mom’s beliefs. She thought because McDowell’s former spouse was rejecting his wife in the marriage that the father must turning his affection to his child. When I heard about it back then I thought it was so disgusting it was not worth mentioning. But it seems that this ignorant mom might actually have this unreasonable belief. What’s so sad is that this particular mom has some even more pathetic friends that might actually believe her.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the Searching Parents. We are keeping hope alive that these families will soon be reunified.

3 Responses to It’s Time to Extradite Alleged Parental Kidnapper Joanne McDowell

  1. This post is inaccurate, defamatory, and abusive. Please remove all content. I have reported you to WordPress for abuse, and I will follow up until this post is removed.

    • underwatch says:

      Every so many years, the Editors of the Family Abduction Watch have the opportunity to directly communicate with an accused parental kidnapper/protective parent. We first became aware of your case when we saw your post on Twitter about Dorothy Lee Barnett’s recent 48 Hours TV Episode. Your case is really not too much different than the other protective moms.

      We are exercising our First Amendment Right to Free Speech in America to discuss it. Here is some of our comments about the case based on public information on the Internet (mostly which you have posted):

      1) The Twitter Account @Protect_Michael is horrifying with photos of your son, confidential medical records in violation of HIPPA laws and inflammatory comments about your son’s biological father. I don’t know why Twitter has not removed some of the content but they should;

      2) As your son grows older, I don’t think any child in Canada or America wants to see this type of information permanently on the Internet including the video. This is horrifying and any child psychiatrist or child custody evaluator would agree. Most protective moms have personalities that even your very good friends and relatives will not disagree with you — although they may want to;

      3)The conclusion that you reached that your child was abused after custody time with his biological father is one that you should personally explore with a licensed professional. To reach that conclusion and label your son’s biological father using some of the inflammatory names is shocking for a young woman that was able to get into law school. If there was a class discussion in a law school classroom, we doubt that you would have many supporters. In America and Canada it is innocent until proven guilty even after #metoo and your son’s father to our knowledge was not convicted of that crime;

      4) We have seen your Custody Transfer Video and it’s too bad that you did not have a third party do this. Most parents sharing custody that are committed to coparenting are encouraged to make the custody transfer with the least conflict possible. It was apparent from the video that this was not the case and any custody evaluator would have seen this as a red flag toward your parenting skills. There are protective moms that might believe that their child did not look overly excited to see them would wrongfully conclude their chid was abused rather than the child’s schedule off, possibly an afternoon nap missed. How you would arrive at your conclusion is shocking and another red flag.;

      5) We did wonder if after getting a classic Domestic Violence Restraining Order of the ’70s in Canada against your child’s father and his child if you would also be thinking your child deserves child support from this highly credentialed father. You would not like our response;

      6) We have seen your accusation and targeted harassment against the District Attorney in North Carolina and find it mystifying for you to think that your were illegally charged you. You violated a NC court order that has jurisdiction of your case. You didn’t like the results of the court case so you fled to another country;

      Finally, in the spirit of the Holidays we would remove the post and agree not to blog about your case if you were to give your son a phone call with his biological dad for the Holidays. We don’t know what you have told your son about his biological father but we imagine it’s not good. We also encourage you to remove the online photos and medical records of your child. We think you should surrender yourself to the North Carolina District Attorney and see if you can make a deal so that you can get your life back. We can see how you could have made this mistake and think it’s the only solution for you. If you get the Felony charges dropped in exchange for agreeing to coparent and share custody of the child, I would think the District Attorney will show some compassion for you.

  2. underwatch says:

    This morning we noticed that the Twitter Account has been deleted. In the best interests of the child involved in this case, we applaud those that made this happen. If it was the mother, this is one of the best Holiday gifts that the child could receive.

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