Shame on CBS 48 Hours for Another Story About Parental Kidnapper Dorothy Lee Barnett

On Saturday December 8, 2018 CBS 48 Hours will once again publicize the very sad story of convicted parental kidnapper Dorothy Lee Barnett. Barnett, a former flight attendant with no college degree committed what is considered one of the most heinous acts of child maltreatment, a parental kidnapping.

Dorothy Lee Barnett

A Convicted Felon

We are not sure why CBS 48 Hours would continue to be interested in this type of story that deserves no further public attention. What is tragic that Dorothy Lee Barnett was not captured earlier living in Australia which has very underdeveloped system for recovering missing children and related laws. Just recently Cassie Doubleday was able to hide with her two daughters from the Queensland justice system and is awaiting trial. Australia prides itself in their commitment to a child’s right to know both parents yet Dorothy Lee Barnett was able to hide in their country and gain residence without prosecution for over a decade. Australia does not have a clearing house or resource center like America’s National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

During these Holidays, our thoughts and prayers are with the victim searching parents like in this case. The now adult-child never got to know her well educated father and has ignorantly decided not to have a relationship with he or his family. That’s no Holiday Season Story and shame on CBS for airing this story now. They are showing no sensitivity to the victims of parental kidnapping cases and it is time Advertisers pull their campaigns from CBS. A kidnapped child is a parent’s worst nightmare and CBS just doesn’t get it.


One Response to Shame on CBS 48 Hours for Another Story About Parental Kidnapper Dorothy Lee Barnett

  1. Rini says:

    Who can we write to at CBS to voice our concerns?

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