What is the Temperament for a Falsely Accused Father?

In the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court Nomination Hearings, when Joe Biden wanted to delay the “Coke Can” Hearings until the next day — Justice Thomas became angry and forced Joe Biden to extend the hearings to that evening. Thomas, who would later be confirmed did not want any amount of time to pass until he had the opportunity to defend himself.

That didn’t happen with Brett Kavanaugh. After Christine Blasey Ford or her lawyers represented to the Committee that Ford had a fear of flying, the hearings were extended until Thursday the next week. Kavanaugh did not get a chance to defend himself until the following week when he was interviewed on Television. And when Kavanaugh appeared to not show the anger that Clarence Thomas did with the horrific “false allegations” — he was criticized for not showing any emotion except some tears.

Kavanaugh  eventually was given an opportunity to testify and he unleashed the same type of anger that Clarence Thomas. As we would expect, this opened the door for his critics to portray him as a “angry white male” and lacking in judicial temperament.

As we have seem in False Allegation Family Law Custody Hearings involving Protective Moms —  Accused Fathers are being labeled as sexual predators and other inflammatory labels despite no evidence except the protective mom’s belief. These labels are not only by some of the ignorant media covering the cases but the mom’s supporters. They don’t even bother to use the word “allege” even though the allegations are meritless. There is a difference between a protective mom saying that she believes her child to be abused and a therapist or Child Protective Services Worker. In virtually all of the cases it is the protective mom that self-diagnosed her child as being abused by her former spouse rather than Child Protective Services believing the chid in danger when in custody of his or her father.

So back to the temperament of an accused father. If the father is to retain joint custody or coparenting of his child(ren) his temperament would need to be even more judicial then Judge Kavanaugh since most men do not have the comparable educational or career achievements.

We wish Judge Kavanaugh the best of luck since most of us in our community know what it is like to be falsely accused and how difficult it is to defend oneself and the perceived temperament needed to prevail.

One Response to What is the Temperament for a Falsely Accused Father?

  1. Gender Equality - Assess Both Parties! says:

    I wish all the falsely accused women luck. Statistics don’t support children making false allegations and DO support men being most likely to be the sexual predators.

    The other day I was helping a professional who needed to find sexual predators by area (vs name), So, I offered this US Dept of Justice affiliated site where you can search nationwide for convicted perps: https://www.nsopw.gov/ Oddly, almost all are MEN!

    I think you should lodge a complaint against the Department being biased! I’m sure they’ll listen to you cry about men and “false” accusations that defy their statistics and data.

    If all the incredible, attractive, productive, innovative, professional, educated women leave the country you will all have only your perfect selves left here! Gosh, that would be great and wonderful karma.

    Hopefully you’ll get your own white coat. There’s obviously a mental problem here and the inability to deal with reality.

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