Defending False Allegations – The Smoking Gun

It is so difficult to defend a False Allegations as most fathers know in Protective Parent Cases. Custody Evaluators will ask for the “smoking gun” where the accuser can be caught in the lie. The accused father will be challenged to deliver this smoking gun.

Here’s the possible smoking gun in the Brett Kavanaugh Alleged False Allegation Case. The Accuser Christine Blasey Ford has been potentially caught in a lie. It is quite possible that her Best Friend Forever (BFF) coached Blasey Ford in her hand written letter; ensured she was able to pass a lie detector test and further complicating the issue has connections to Stormy Daniel’s lawyer Michael Avenatti. So it is possible that the Senate Judicial Committee had been setup during this process and by hiring a Special Prosecutor was able to get the Smoking Gun to discredit Blasey Ford.


Monica McLean, Former FBI Agent at Christine Blasey Ford Hearings


Letter from Blasey-Ford Former Boyfriend Disclosing the Lie Detector Test and Friendship with Monica McLean


Christine Blasey Ford BFF Monica McLean with Lawyer Michael Avenatti

We have seen protective moms at their Criminal and Family Court Hearings appear to be at times somewhat credible with their allegations. However, as the story unfolds — the lies or false allegations are eventually exposed.

The Kavanaugh hearings are further politicized with Michael R. Bromwich the attorney for fired FBI Agent Andrew McCabe joining Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team. There is a video circulating around the Internet showing U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee handing Bromwich an envelope at the hearings. Some would say that the alleged pro bono attorney was receiving a check.

Although we have seen at the Protective Parent Trials just like the Kavanaugh Hearings that a cast of characters always appears in these cases that are dedicated to their cause. Guilty or Innocence doesn’t matter as much as supporting the cause and promoting ones reputation.

These past several weeks have been an embarrassment to America but will hopefully create a foundation for leveling the playing field for Fathers in Protective Parent Cases. #HeToo

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  1. Gender Equality - Assess Both Parties! says:

    Hopefully everyone will take a lie detector test, MMPIs and have federal background checks.

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