In the past several decades we have followed Protective Parent Movement Cases which have involved he said she said allegations. In these Protective Parent Cases there are similar allegations such as those that we have been made against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez.

In recent weeks many Politicians such as Senators Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Senator Mazie Hirono (D-H) on the Senate Judiciary Committee have said or implied they believed Christine Blasey Ford. Other Celebrities and politically aligned supporters have joined this cause.

Here is what distinguished former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz had to say about the allegations involved in the Kavanaugh issue.

“Dershowitz went on to question whether women should automatically be believed simply because they’re women. Are women born with a special gene for telling the truth and men with a special gene for lying?” he asked. “I don’t believe her. I don’t believe him. I have an open mind. I want to hear both sides of the story and make a determination.” — Alan Dershowitz

Dershowitz went on to say:

No one should presume that either party is lying or telling the truth. There is no gender-based gene for truth telling. Some women tell the truth; some women lie. Some men tell the truth; some men lie. Without hearing any evidence under oath, and subject to cross-examination, no reasonable person should declare psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford to be a victim or federal judge Brett Kavanaugh to be a perpetrator. Nor should anybody declare the opposite. — Alan Dershowitz

The recent Me Too Movement (#metoo) against sexual harassment and sexual assault has dangerously started a shift from “innocent until proven guilty” to “guilty until proven innocent”. We have seen this in Protective Parent Movement Cases as protective parent attorneys attempt to create a fragment of doubt. Although this strategy rarely works, we see it happening to Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Even though the allegations from the accusers are from thirty years ago without corroborating evidence by women who were intoxicated — they want to create this similar fragment of doubt to achieve their political agenda of keeping Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court Bench.

In the Protective Parent Cases, it not not uncommon for a protective mom to enlarge or story or fabricate new allegations in the course of the case. With the limited details provided by both Blasey-Ford and Ramirez and the number of years that has passed since the alleged event, we would not be surprised if the politically motivated Blasey-Ford or the former Domestic Violence Worker Ramirez may have also enlarged or fabricated their story. It is no secret that Protective Moms are told by Protective Parent Attorneys that sometimes they must commit acts of disobedience as Protective Parent Attorneys have publicly stated. The Cause-oriented concept is that the end is more important than the means.

We conclude that in our self correcting legal system it must be the start of the #hetoo #falseallegations movement. We must now begin to turn the clock back to “innocent until proven guilty” rather than ignorantly accepting a “guilty until proven innocent” direction.

The Editor
Family Abduction Watch


  1. Gender Equality - Assess Both Parties! says:

    I vote for MMPIs, lifetime personality and psychological assessment submissions, criminal history records, and lie detectors for all involved. Quick and easy.

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