False Allegations

With the #metoo movement appearing to move the court of public away from the 14th Amendment “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” to “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” — we looked at this particular we research into the motives of those making false allegations in rape cases. Here is what the research concluded:

Reasons given for making intentional False Rape Claims:

  1. Providing an alibi
  2. Seeking revenge
  3. Obtaining Sympathy and Attention

8 Responses to False Allegations

  1. LiarLiarPantsOn...or Off? says:

    Luckily both parties can take MMPIs (with several different therapists for accuracy and/or get past results compared) and both parties can also take lie detectors (although some sociopaths can pass these but the MMPI would show who is sociopathic…so…).

    Then, lifetime histories can be assessed through federal background checks and no one has to guess who has the greatest tendency to lie. Its actually very simple. That is why law enforcement could solve these types of things 50 years ago more easily than they seem to be able to now.

    • underwatch says:

      When the mainstream media reports on these protective parent cases they rarely report that both parents took the MMPI that you mention. Also, in most evaluations even though the Custody Evaluator, a PhD or Psychiatrist may conclude the mother is fabricating the allegations — they don’t give sole custody to the father. The #metoo movement has rolled back the clock on allegations made by a woman against a man — but the McMartin Preschool Believe the Children allegations that ended up to be false have nothing to do with the #metoo movement. The Christine Blasey Ford allegations have the potential to bring back spousal rape allegations – but in this new era of video, there would need to be clear and definitive evidence.

      • LiarLiarPantsOn...or Off? says:

        I wonder how so many crimes were solved over all these prior years without any physical harm having to take place or be on video…just simply from reporting the crime?

        Several years ago it was possible to solve these current day “unsolvable” and/or “closed” cases with good investigative and interviewing techniques (even sans physical harm to document). Back then, investigators were actually trying to solve crime vs ignore all evidence and spend so much time not investigating or interviewing people. Maybe that is the difference? Why are our current day investigators so deficient in the investigative techniques they are required to follow?

        Gosh, hopefully you can fill me in on this mystery of why investigators can’t read or follow their manuals to solve crime anymore, underwatch, meanwhile layman can easily investigate and find out the truth.

    • LiarLiarPantsOn...or Off? says:

      Unless all the formerly sane people suddenly were attacked and now have head injuries…therefore causing an unusual change in behavior due to brain injury….aka: becoming “crazy”… the statistics don’t support them making false allegations or morphing into completely new personalities. Sorry. People just don’t change. Just like the diagnosed perps/convics/sociopaths are not magically better. The statistics don’t support that possibility.

      • underwatch says:

        You can make that generalization about the rest of society but not of custody embattled protective moms. Of all the protective parent cases we have covered, there is not a single case there was clear evidence against the other parent. That is the data here. These moms had many legal alternatives including CPS Resources, Custody Evaluations and the funds to hire any top attorneys. If you research these cases, most protective moms use many different attorneys and child therapists — but kidnap there children before these investigations are completed. Their motive appears to be anger and revenge rather than protection of their child. You are starting to sound like some site visitor a few months ago that sounded like they shouldn’t be commenting on a site like this. Unless you have some detailed information about the protective parent cause to share with our readers, I suggest you visit another site. Please tell us something new!

      • Gender Equality - Assess Both Parties! says:

        I’m hoping to hear something new here. But, alas, its the same old same old tired story. I like facts, figures and statistics (old data, not the new created numbers). BS rhetoric to protect abusers under the guise of Fathers Rights is absurd.

        When in the history of the world have white men been discriminated against? I can’t think of any time. They are the only group that has NOT been discriminated against, yet they are the ones crying away like big babies with their created “problems” and “rights” that they say are being harmed. That is psychology that definitely needs to be looked into.

        Women recently gained rights to equal housing and credit in the US in 1974. Women and minorities have constantly been harmed and discriminated against over US history.

        If we need anything, it’s a Women, Children and Mothers Rights push vs fathers rights to hide abuse and facilitate crime.

      • underwatch says:

        Something New: #HeToo, Family Reunification Camps, Coparenting, Parental Alienation, 50/50 Custody Time, Family Violence, Joint Custody, Family Abductions – Something Old: Maternal Custody, Domestic Violence, Protective Parents

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