Does Cassie Doubleday Have Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSP)?

Most Protective Mums will go underground or into hiding as soon as a Family Law Court ordered psychiatric evaluation or Trial begins to uncover possible undiagnosed mental conditions about the mum. Cassie Doubleday and her supporters have proclaimed professional like Dr. Freda Briggs testifying on the Internet about her case, but have these or any professionals evaluated Cassie for a form of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, a condition often associated with protective mums. Is she intentionally telling saying her children are abused when she is in fact the abuse? Would bias-professionals like Dr. Freda Briggs be intentionally ruling out a mental illness like this to promote Brigg’s own professional agenda.

Cassie Watter, Cassie Doubleday

Parental Kidnapper Cassie Doubleday Arrested

We have also seen letters from the child posted on the Internet by Cassie Doubleday’s supporters. These letters are a common tactic by protective parent attorneys to inject false testimony from the minor child into the case. That in itself is an invasion of the minor’s privacy and a form of child abuse. These letters always contain words and phrases not typically used by a child. In this case, a minor does not typically talk about fighting for her or his freedom — that sounds like language a protective mum would use.

It sounds like the Townsville Family Law Court got this case right and that it is now time for Cassie Doubleday to seek the mental health treatment she needs. Is she crazy, it’s apparent many very highly qualified professionals do.

13 Responses to Does Cassie Doubleday Have Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSP)?

  1. Thanks4SharingTheirNames says:

    Wow, each country’s intelligence agencies should put these parents under surveillance for a long time to make sure no one is involved in any crime, doesn’t have any violent histories or problems in relationships over their lifetimes, and also doesn’t have any diagnosed narcissism/sociopathy results. That would be dangerous for the public.

    Most of the previously convicted, criminal, addicts running freely about (under the guise of “good parenting” and “fathers rights”)have the exact same accusations against the victims.

    I think it’s in every country’s best interest to have their intelligence agencies sort out the truth, so there isn’t any danger by letting abusers roam the world freely under the façade of “good parent.”

    Luckily, I think most of the developed countries agree. No one wants to be at risk.

    So, I’m sure it’ll all get sorted out somehow in the end.

    • underwatch says:

      1. Cassie Doubleday married her former spouse and had two children with him. At the very least at some time her her life she loved him.

      2. All of us know that in our developed countries that we have moved toward gender equality, joint custody, coparenting and away from maternal custody.

      3. Unfortunately in these protective parent cases are like legal systems, they sometimes work and other times do not. That said, in the cases we have followed there is not one case where there is factual evidence that the protective mom had exhausted her legal remedies and had a reasonable belief before kidnapping her children.

      4. Those that have been trying to legitimize parental kidnapping with a maternal-custody oriented better safe than sorry approach and carve out a new segment of Family Law since the ‘80s continue to push their cause. They find protective moms like Cassie Doubleday that have so much anger and revenge for their former spouse that that will commit this felony crime against an innocent minor child. They never exhaust their legal remedies usually after years of lawyer and therapist shopping and thousands of dollars.

      5. The protective moms usually are narcissists and believe they are above the law or anyone else. The seek the attention of the media and are willing to say anything to get what they want.

      6. There are a number of Cassie Doubleday’s Supporters that have innocently attached themselves to this Protective Parent Cause. In a developed country — and in this new era of coparenting, we think they should re-consider. Cassie should plead guilty, get treatment for her mental health condition and work toward regaining her trustworthiness with the Family Law Court and her former spouse. Unfortunately even though that would be in the best interests if her children we all know that she’s not going to do that.

      A year from now Cassie should be in prison and that’s where she belongs. That’s what happens she decided to take her Run Cassie Run Journey.

      • Thanks4SharingTheirNames says:

        It’s not about parental kidnapping. Believe me, on the surface you’ll find it’s about crime and who gets what cash (and, yes, government people are involved in this) but dig deep and you’ll find the government has invested way too much money into research on hostile environments for humans. Think Project Bluebird and MKULTRA, plus some.

        None of us really want to know the whole truth because it’s too dark.

        The documents almost always prove that the protective parents actually have normal life long personality profiles, interest tests, therapy records, and MMPI results (all normal) due to employment and other reasons.

        So, creating “bad” parent news about the good parent…(meanwhile when most have years of data showing the other (truly) abusive parent has diagnosed personality disorders, addictions, criminal histories, etc)…is old and tired now.

        The plain fact is, no country is going to create “super humans” or human weapons out of this underground Project of abuse and lies. They just destroy their own country. So, maybe it’s actually planned as weaponry in that way too?

        The other countries of the world have come to be worried about who might be hopping on a plane, or driving over a border, to wreck havoc on their financial systems, rape, pillage, and so forth under the guise of “good parent” (and everyone else that’s always been normal, suddenly being crazy).

        So, I’d think of it now as more of a name gathering project. It really doesn’t matter who posts what. In fact, the symptoms of the postings lead directly to the doorstep of who needs to be found.

        Thanks for continuing to post names. It helps everyone’s country.

      • underwatch says:

        In several decades of publishing this blog, this is the first time we have see a post like this. You may want to show this post to a close friend to hear their thoughts about it.

      • Thanks4SharingTheirNames says:

        I grew up around government.

        You might want to have a fact check done on your blog, so you don’t get sued.

        Seriously, keep the names coming. It’s helpful.

  2. Supporter says:

    Why should Cassie have lied about her ex? Since then, she has lost everything.
    Do you really know what protective parent means? You use that in such a negative sense.
    It´s a person who protects her/his children against harm!

    • underwatch says:

      Cassie should have used the court system or Australia’s child protection system. She had a number of legal alternatives before she solely decided to commit a parental kidnapping — one of the most heinous acts of child maltreatment. So why would Cassie have lied? The research would say: Anger and revenge toward her former spouse and his family or maybe her narcissism prevented her from sharing custody with her former spouse. Either way, she most likely suffers from a mental disorder. There are highly qualified child protection resources available to Cassie in Australia — her family and friends should have convinced her to use them. She most likely has the personality that did not ask them for help. That’s why she is in her current situation.

      • Thanks4SharingTheirNames says:

        Her ex is probably abusive, so she wanted to protect her child when the people in the system refused to do so. Its really that simple. Most good parents will do that and they are completely mentally normal (prior to themselves and their children being targeted and persecuted, that is).

      • underwatch says:

        Or did the protective mom fabricate the abuse allegations to attempt to get sole custody of the children? Protective Mom supporters are ignorant to the emotional and physical abuse inflicted on kidnapped children. Did these children receive healthcare while in hiding? And was there identity changed when they were in hiding? How would you tell a young child that their name is being changed? Was the custodial father really the abuser here or is Cassie the abuser?

      • Thanks4SharingTheirNames says:

        Mentally healthy people don’t fabricate abuse. Many also aren’t abuse victims themselves, so all of it defies statistics and logic. You are reaching.

      • underwatch says:

        Cassie most likely did it out of anger and revenge against her former spouse. She married her former spouse and had two children with him. It sounds like he now has custody of his children. And she may end up going to prison for her crime. Maybe you are the one that is reaching.

      • Thanks4SharingTheirNames says:

        Mentally healthy people also don’t do a lot of “anger and revenge” either.

      • underwatch says:

        Mentally healthy people don’t kidnap children. The law-abiding father certainly appeared very credible in the media. That being said the licensed professionals and criminal court will determine the future of this case. Australia does not have many family abduction cases like this and I would think Cassie should receive the most severe punishment for her crime.

        Also, did the custodial father remarry or have a girl friend?

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