Sydney Morning Herald Reporters Insensitive to Parental Kidnapping Victims


Reporters Jenny Noyes and Patrick Begley of the Sydney Morning Herald interviewed Cassie Doubleday’s parents Heather and Arthur Doubleday. They wrote that Heather and Arthur claimed that they heard from Cassie for the first time in four years. Furthermore, they gave the Doubledays a platform for saying they would seek custody of these children that were kidnapped for four years.

In these Protective Parent Cases, the parental kidnapper and her supporters usually have at least one reporter that is willing to provide a one-sided or bias story. In this case those reporters are Jenny Noyes and Patrick Begley of the Sydney Morning Herald.

First of all the idea that Heather or Arthur Doubleday did not know where their daughter was for the last four years is ludicrous and insulting to the plight of parental kidnapping victims which include the searching parents and their families. At the very least the Doubledays should have been asked if they expected to be charged as third party conspirators to this crime. They should have been asked if they were going on the record stating they had no way of contacting Cassie when she was in hiding and they provided any financial assistance to their daughter or grandchildren. And if not, why not? What horrible and unfit grandparents if they didn’t even send Christmas or Birthday Gifts!

The Sydney Morning Herald Editor needs to assign more professional journalists to this news story. Their coverage of this kidnapping story is a horrible example of today’s agenda-based or fake news.

The Sydney Morning Herald, Grandparents hope for custody as Queensland twins found after four years (May 5, 2018)

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