Cassie Doubleday Needs a Lifetime Ankle Bracelet to Protect Her Children

Cassie Doubleday

Australian Mum: Cassie Watter Arrested

In May of 2014, Protective Mum Cassie Doubleday was on the run in the Australian Protective Parent Underground as her family and friends and supporters cheered on this Facebook page. In that post, they have the audacity and cruelty to say: “Relatives of missing Townsville twin girls Isabella and Bronte Watter, 7, who have been missing for six weeks today, are hoping the children and their mother Cassie Watter are not found.”

What Cassie Doubleday did in 2014 is one of the cruelest forms of child maltreatment. It is not only cruel to the children but the father, the father’s family as well as the children’s young friends and classmates. Cassie has many other legal remedies but her own narcissism and that of her friends and supporters caused this criminal act against innocent children.

Cassie Doubleday is out on bail today and wears a ankle bracelet. There is little doubt that the Australian Courts will find her guilty and she will be sentenced to prison. What the courts need to do is not only protect the children involved in this case until they reach the age of majority but they need to send a clear message to others to deter the heinous criminal act of child stealing. As the Protective Parent Movement in Australia attempts to use Cassie Doubleday for their cause — Australians should know better that child stealing is not the solution to Family Custody disputes.


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