Townsville Australian Mum Cassie Watters Arrested in Taree, Australia

Australian Protective Mum Cassie Watter (aka Catherine Lee Watter, Catherine Doubleday) has finally been arrested and charged in the kidnapping of her two daughters from Hermit Park Primary School in Townsville, Australia on April 4, 2014. This is the second Protective Parent Kidnapping Case with links to Townsville, Australia. Back in 2013, infamous American Protective Parent Mum Dorothy Lee Barnett was arrested in Mountain Creek. Her daughter Samantha Geldenhuys (aka Savanah Todd) was a University Student at Townsville.

Australian Protective Parent Mum: Cassie Watter Arrested

Cassie Watter and her two daughters now 11 were found in Taree, Australia. They have been reunified with their custodial Australian father.

The girl’s grandmother, Heather Doubleday claims she did not hear from her daughter (Editor’s note: good luck to anyone who believes that).

More on this story later.

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