What about some Privacy for the Sandra Grazzini’s Children in 2018?

Sandra Grazzini was found guilty of six counts of felony deprivation of parental rights on September 21, 2016. On November 10, 2016 Dede Evavold was also found guilty in September 2016 of six felony counts of deprivation of parental rights. On May 2, 2017 Doug Dahlen and Gina Dahlen were sentenced to one year in jai for their role in the Parental Kidnapping.

In February 2017, actress Kelly Rutherford was able to declare bankruptcy and potentially walk away from $1.1 million she owed her family law firm and substantially reduce the $1.57 million in child support owed her former custodial spouse. That being said, Kelly Rutherford has appeared to move along with her life as a non-custodial parent. You don’t see any social media posts about her custody dispute and/or former spouse.

As of July 2017, protective parent mother Maya Tsimhoni continues to litigate in court with her former spouse. However, despite 8 years of litigation, $400,000 in joint legal fees, 1,0001 docket entries and 21 lawyers involved in her case — she or her representatives no longer post on social media about her case or her children.

Unfortunately, Sandra Grazzini and her friend Dede Evavold have been unable to move along with their lives and respect the privacy of Sandra’s children and former spouse. Evavold is alleged to have been posting about the case and Sandra’s former spouse on the Internet. A court hearing for this alleged probation violation by Dede Evavold will be held on January 9, 2018.

Despite their belief as “child protectionists”, their support for the “Protective Parent Movement” appears to have given them a self-proclaimed license to commit acts of civil disobedience. And this act would include violating any court order to not violate the privacy of the victims of their felony crimes.

So as we start off 2018, we want to know what makes Dede Evavold and Sandra Grazzini and their case so different than that of Rutherford and Tsimhoni? Why would Grazzini’s supporters still disparage Sandra’s custodial former spouse? We really hope the judges involved will take action in 2018 to give the Grazzini children some privacy in 2018. We really hope that those third party supporters of Grazzzi will wake up in 2018 and realize that disparaging the former spouse on the Internet is not respecting the privacy of the children in this case.


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