Kathleen Russell – The Faye Yager of 2018

Kathleen Russell, Protective Parent Movement, No Professional Credentials

Kathleen Russell of The Center for Judicial Excellence in San Rafael, California has no professional credentials other than a psychology degree like Faye Yager who was a interior decorator. Yet, she is one of the leaders of the “protective parent movement” of 2018. She is the Faye Yager of 2018.

Since the ’80s and the start of the “protective parent movement”, Protective Moms were told that they would have to go to any extreme including committing acts of civil disobedience to get sole custody of their children. This would include perjury in filing false CPS Reports to parental kidnapping. As the Family Court System and Child Protective Services improved with Court Appointed Professional Evaluators, Guardian-Ad Litem Attorneys for Minors and improved CPS Staff over several decades — most parents accepted joint custody. But there were always a number of moms that were not willing to accept joint custody and wanted to write their former spouse out of their child(rens) life. The protective moms never had any evidence of child abuse in their cases. The Family Courts were now encouraging coparenting and discouraging parental alienation. That’s when the Protective Parent Movement went after the Family Court Judges as well as the Psychologists for the new Family Reunification Therapy Camps in parental alienation custody cases.

In the Protective Parent Movement, the same names occur that have been around since the Faye Yager Children of the Underground days such as Judge Sol Gothard, Dr. Joyanna Silberg and Jennifer Collins/Holly Collins. These individuals have always supported the protective parent movement.

So now in California you have Kathleen Russell of the Center for Judicial Excellence that appears to believe she is the watchdog of California’s Family Court. She is actually one of the new leaders of the Protective Parent Movement and is really a lobbyist for the Protective Parent Movement Attorneys and Professionals. She and her group are supporters of California Senate Bill 170 that are trying to allow children 10 years or younger from testifying in court. Currently minors don’t typically testify in court and family court evaluators and guardian ad-litem attorneys for the minor are tasked with testifying for them. But as we have seen in other cases, protective parent lawyers or any lawyer can get a minor to say just about anything in court or video testimony.

We hope that the Family Courts and Psychology Boards in California and others States don’t take Kathleen Russell and The Center for Judicial Excellence too seriously in 2018. They are a lobby group with extremest Faye Yager-like tenets. You have to remember, Kathleen Russell has no professional credentials. You would imagine that she and her group encourage protective parents to file complaints against those psychologist/psychiatrists that issue unfavorable Family Court Evaluations.

If Kathleen Russell really wants to be taken seriously, she needs to go to law school or get a psychologist license.

If you want to see Kathleen Russell and her protective parent group’s initiatives for 2018, see here:


1. Influence Family Court Judges since they are elected (San Francisco, Sacramento)

2. Influence the California Board of Psychology

3. Influence any anti-joint custody/anti-coparenting legislation such as CA SB 190.


4 Responses to Kathleen Russell – The Faye Yager of 2018

  1. Kykeell says:

    Doesn’t take an idiot to see problem with how current system is flawed has been for decades. Doesn’t require much to read and learn laws and legal documents. Called PRO SE for reason.
    Someone needs to protect today’s generation thank god some people are willing to stand against corrupt judges GAL and system that a for cash profit family court is. What is wrong with children under 10 speaking for themselves? Why are court officials to make some of the most important decisions in an innocent child’s life not held accountable for their actions and reasoning behind why they are only making it a worse problem? Because it’s all about the money and they don’t give a crap about the best interest of the child the parents have more rights about their interest in children herded around like cattle.

    • underwatch says:

      In this era of parental alienation, I’v heard therapists say they could get a child to tell them anything. As time passes since the Mondale Act in 1974 when CPS was setup in our country and the progressing Family Court Systems in our country — it is myopic to think that is possible to bribe a Family Court Judge. When the courts order Family Evaluations or Family Therapy Camps, I just don’t believe that brown paper bags of money are being sent by a father to the so called “corrupt” family court judge. Just how do you think these bags of money are being delivered? Do you think that the family law attorneys are giving them to the judge?

      • What are family THERAPY camps? Are you still mad because your case was in Marin county? Did Randy testify at your trial or Gardner?

        It’s called logic. You know very well that it all follows back to money. Kids are used in the family courts as a paycheck. It’s their lives that are effected. You don’t think they should have a say in how it affects them?

      • underwatch says:

        It’s called logic. You know very well that it all follows back to money. Kids are used in the family courts as a paycheck. It’s their lives that are effected. You don’t think they should have a say in how it affects them?

        In Family Law Courts, kids do have a say. If the parents decide to bring a child into this World, the great majority of them will coparent or share joint custody of the child.

        Unfortunately, there are other issues not related to “the best interests of the child” such as alimony, child support and anger over the failed marriage. When they can’t decide custody, it use to be before the ’50s that mother received maternal custody of the child. However, in these modern times of gender equality coparenting or joint custody if again favored by the courts. There are a number of different forms of joint custody/coparenting, even a situation where the child lived one year in Europe and an alternating year in the United States.

        So when the parents cannot decide, then then Family Court decides usually by a Court Ordered Evaluation with psychiatric testing and clinical observations of both parents and their interaction with the children. So does the child have a say, they certainly do in those clinical observations. Of course there is a high cost to those psychiatric evaluations and the clinical observation period certainly could be longer — especially if there are allegations involved.

        The Family Therapy Camps appear to have been started by some of the leading Family Law Professionals including lawyers and Social Scientists. These camps promote coparenting.

        Unfortunately, what you see in the media about these camps is that they are used in high conflict divorces where one parent refuses to participate. And in those high conflict cases, the camps may be used a last resort to the judge having to rule to give sole custody to one parent.

        So how could Family Therapy not be a good thing in these case? And yes in these camps, the kids do have a say. Why can’t these parents coparent?

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