Federal Charges Needed Against Elaine Yates


Elaine Yates – Federal Parental Kidnapping Charges

Rhode Island Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin’s has minimized the crime of Parental Kidnapping and Family Abduction. It’s apparent that the lobby and special interest groups have put pressure on him not to charge Elaine Yates. In the decision not to charge her, it’s hopeful that the U.S. Attorney will step up and investigates Yates for crimes she must have committed while in hiding. Did she pay taxes? Is she guilty of identity theft? Did she commit forgery?


4 Responses to Federal Charges Needed Against Elaine Yates

  1. Did she pay her taxes under a false name? Did she commit passport fraud when she and the girls were in New Zealand?

    Editor there are all sorts of questions that we don’t know the answers to?

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Celeste, it’s certainly an insult to the Missing Children’s Community and the plight of Family Abduction Cases for this small town District Attorney to drop all charges after a 30 year kidnapping. That being said, how does one acquire a new identity; a new social security number; a new passport leave the country; and pay their taxes when they leave. Do they send one final tax return in? Did she have any joint credit cards with her former spouse that she paid for or even any separate credit cards? She had to have broken other laws. I would have at the very least seen her charged and for the former spouse to get restitution. I would also have like to have seen an apology.

      • Editor why was Elaine not charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution?

      • underwatch says:

        It was my understanding that the UFAP is the warrant to allow the parent to be arrested or detained in another state so the child can be returned to the custodial parent. If the two girls in this case were found 25 years ago, they would have been returned to the custodial parent. If Elaine Yates objected to that, then she could have taken the case to Family Law Court.

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