Elaine Yates – A Flight Risk, No Bail!



Elaine Yates, Parental Kidnapper

Elaine Yates (alias Liana Lynn Waldberg) eluded law enforcement for 30 years. She was said to have once been in New Zealand with her daughters. She apparently lived in an affluent neighborhood in Houston. Let’s hope the judge in Rhode Island does not give her bail and lets her spend time in jail for her crime.

In long-term parental kidnapping cases, the law has not yet been changed to allow longer criminal sentencing. In this case, Elaine Yates played Judge, Jury and Executioner to her former spouse’s custody rights. She deserves to spend 30 years in prison for her crime.

In addition, it’s time for any third party conspirators that initially helped Elaine Yates be prosecuted. We have always heard that Faye Yager, of The Children of the Underground had assisted Elaine Yates. Possibly Yates could get a reduced sentence for giving up the identity of those that assisted her.

In this new era of coparenting and joint custody, you can’t have parents like Elaine Yates kidnapping their children in these cases. In some of the previous cases, some of the small city District Attorney did not want to prosecute these cases. Let’s hope the District Attorney is this Rhode Island County fully prosecutes Elaine Yates for her crime.

Editor’s Note: We are praying for the victim adult children in this case and hope that they will soon reunify with their father.


3 Responses to Elaine Yates – A Flight Risk, No Bail!

  1. Kara Aguilar says:

    Wow! Yes in today’s world we have joint custody and co-parenting – but in 1988 we didn’t. There were no child abduction laws in RI then. And, apparently the husband abused his wife – I would have taken my children and left, too. How many women would leave your children with a man that hit you?
    She did what she did to protect her children and probably herself from an abusive man. As the children have not contacted him, that’s plenty of answer for me. To scream on a banner for “No bail and Flight risk” without knowing all the details you are fanning a flame that need not be lit.

    • underwatch says:

      Kara, if your grandchildren were kidnapped, would that change your opinion? There is never any legal justification for kidnapping children. If a mother is arrested for DV, can we assume she is the next Andrea Yates? Even in 1988, Elaine Yates had legal alternatives. She did what she did out of anger and revenge and not love for her children.

    • Only after SHE attacked HIM!

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