Where is the 5 Year Old child?

Editor’s Note: This child has been found and reunified with her custodial parent. Kristy Lynn Brooks was found guilty in July 2019 of Felony Obstruction of Justice. The child’s photo has been remove to respect the private of the child and her family.


Kristy Lynn Brooks – Alleged Parental Kidnapper



10 Responses to Where is the 5 Year Old child?

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Jim,

      It sounds like the North Carolina DA concluded that it was easier to get a conviction for Felony Obstruction of Justice than the kidnapping charge. The parental kidnapping laws in most states are not as refined as they should be. Our legal system and the general public perceives stranger abductions much differently than Family Abductions, but to the left-behind victim parent, there’s not much difference. It sounds like Kristy Brooks will be charged and convicted with a felony in the end and will have supervised visitation until her child gets much older. If you think the site is “bu** sh**” garbage, then it is recommended you don’t return to the site. There are other websites that would help you justify Kristy’s criminal act. Parental Kidnapping is a very serious crime against an innocent child and only those that are ignorant would think it was a legal option. Kristy Brooks should never have kidnapped her child and her family and friends should have helped discourage her. Although I would imagine that Kristy Brooks has the personality like most of these other “protective moms” and in the end — Kristy would do what Kristy wants to do. She is more than likely narcissistic and has other mental issues. What would have been so bad about joint custody?

      • Luke says:

        Underwatch, you hit the nail on the head as far as Kristy’s personality. Her boyfriend Jeremy is also a mental case. He and his inner circle facilitated the kidnapping and convinced her that her child was being abused. She only agreed to turn herself in because Jeremy and his mother were going to get in trouble for helping her hide. If you ask me, they should still be on the hook for being part of this whole mess.

        Now they’re using friends, family, and a locally influential Facebook page to attack Autumn’s father, his family, judges, police officers, the sheriff, US Marshals, and any perceived enemy instead of placing the blame for her situation where it belongs: On herself and Jeremy.

        Jim sounds like one of Jeremy’s friends. Perhaps Tom or Jason?

      • underwatch says:

        Luke, when a protective parent violates a custody court order and kidnaps their child, they always want to blame everyone else. There are always legal alternatives for the defendant/kidnapper rather than committing this horrible crime against children. These children rightfully deserve privacy and don’t need their name and their parents publishing on the Internet forever. It’s unfortunate that Kristy and her supporters are ignorant and not able to comprehend this. If they are sincerely concerned about the welfare of a child “in the best interests of the child”, file a CPS Report and get a custody evaluation ordered by the Family Court Judge.

  1. Luke says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The damage has propogated out like a ripple to everyone involved with Kristy at the epicenter. Sadly, her children and those closest to her are suffering the most. She has left a trail of damaged lives in her wake as a result of her choices, and there’s no happy ending.

    • underwatch says:

      Luke, there is a group of protective moms after their arrest — they take their supervised visitation and move forward with their lives. They plead guilty and work to regain their reputation with the Family Court. Then there are those like Sandra Grazzini that continue with the false allegations and the abuse excuse. Some of those protective moms never regain visitation. In those cases the solution to criminally prosecute the co-conspirators appeared to be the only way to protect the children. Let’s hope Kristy’s attorney gives her good advice.

      • Luke says:

        I hope so too. The reality of supervised visitation is already taking a toll on her. It’s heartbreaking for the whole family. There’s hope if she stops listening to the people that helped her get into this mess.

  2. Rob says:

    Kristy was convicted of Felony Obstruction of Justice today. Her supporters are crying corruption of course, but this was a clear cut of a case as you could get. A mostly female jury found her guilty with practically no time to deliberate. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

    • underwatch says:

      This is great news! Congrats to the local District Attorney on getting a verdict! And thank you to the jury for convicting this mother of this felony crime. This custodial father deserves credit for enduring the months of separation from his child and getting through his testimony as a victim at the trial. It’s great to see justice and a felony conviction in North Carolina!

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