Final Thoughts for 2016


In America, we value our free speech but when protective moms and their family court critic supporters post photos of minor children, the children’s medical information, court documents, photos of their former spouse’s attorney and the Family Law Judge online — that’s when the Family Law Judge needs to step up and put a gag order on all parties. In other words in regards to posting information online, these parents and their supporters need to shut the blank up. In Australia, there is a law that prevents even the mainstream media from publishing photos of children involved in custody cases. We don’t have such a law in America, but perhaps we should.

In 2016, the year started with custodial-embattled protective moms Kelly Rutherford, Genevive Kelley, Maya Tsimhoni, Sandra Rucki, Angie Vu Ha, Michelle Wolferts and their supporters posting such information on the Internet. But after these court cases progressed including jail time for some — most of these moms eventually accepted the idea of coparenting or some form of custody sharing even as the non-custodial parent.

Of all the minor and teenage children involved in these cases, none of them  want their photos or any information about their parent’s custody case on the Internet. And once posted, this information may be permanently on the Internet for the rest of these children’s lives. That’s a concept that these protective moms / family court critics have sadly yet to comprehend. But on a positive note, in looking at the recent Social Media Accounts of Kelly Rutherford and Angie Vu, they appear to be the thought leaders here. In the past six months, you don’t see any posts about their custody disputes with their former spouses. Perhaps it’s time some of the Protective Parent and Family Court Critic Movement groups took note of that.

In 2017, it’s time that we take steps to protect and respect the online privacy of our children.

The Editor


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