Highlights of 2016 – Family Abduction Watch

From the Editor

In over twenty years following the protective parent/family court critic movement, there is never been a year like 2016 with so many precedent setting historic events and verdicts. Here’s a recap:

  1. Third Party Accomplice Prosecution — Dede Evavold, was found guilty of 6 felony counts of deprivation of child custody and became one of the first third-party accomplices in America to be prosecuted and found guilty of these crimes. Dede got 180 days jail time and 8 years probation and like a child molester can’t be around minor children. This case should do more to deter third parties from aiding and abetting in Family Abductions then any other previous case. And stay tuned, Gina and Doug Dahlen will go on trial in 2017.
  2. Teenager Family Abduction — Sandra Rucki and Michelle Wolferts became one of the first protective moms to go on trial for a teenager family abduction. Both mothers staged a runaway and denied involvement in the parental kidnapping. Sandra Rucki was found guilty by a jury and sentenced to 250 days in jail and six years probation.
  3. Moving Along / Coparenting — Litigious Protective Moms including Celebrity Kelly Rutherford and politically connected Maya Tsimhoni did everything to try their case in the media including disclosing private details of their children’s lives. But in the end, these protective moms moved along in the spirit of coparenting and “in the best interests of their children”. They must have finally realized that their children didn’t want their parents’ custody cases in the media and on the internet.
  4. Criminal Sentencing in 15 Day Increments over 6 Years — Sandra Rucki was sentenced in 15 day increments over 6 years. With Rucki’s other minor children being raised by her former spouse, it sounds like the judge wanted to sentence Rucki to additionally protect the younger children and the victim father. This sentence certainly will help the courts and the probation department more closely monitor Sandra Rucki who has vowed to get revenge or continue fighting.
  5.  Mainstream Media and Social Media – Newsweek Reporter Max Kutner did a story on the Faye Ku kidnapping which eventually led to the recovery of those children. Veteran Reporter Michael Brodkorb and Brandon Stahl of the Star Tribune covered the Rucki children kidnapping which played an important role in the recovery of those children and the prosecution of this crime. Brodkorb’s @missinginmn website and Twitter account covered the Sandra Rucki, Dede Evavold and Gina/Doug Dahlen cases – often near live reporting from the courthouse. This media coverage and social media reporting significantly increased the public’s general awareness of this horrible crime against innocent children.
  6. Extradition – Model and DJ Angie Vu was extradited to France. Angie Vu stayed in the Brooklyn Metropolitan Jail for 10 months and was extradited to France to face prosecution for International parental kidnapping. Upon arrival in France, she was booked and released. Vu planned to send her child to Vietnam to live with relatives rather than share custody. Like Kelly Rutherford and Maya Tsimhoni, Angie Vu was back Paris during the Holidays, most likely exercising her custody time.
  7. Genevieve Kelly Not Prosecuted With Felony – The small town district attorney in New Hampshire or the U.S. Attorney allowed the former physician Genevieve Kelly to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and did not prosecute her for U.S. Passport Fraud, Witness Tampering, or Felony Custody Interference. This occurred after a ten-year kidnapping. Perhaps if this case were in Minnesota, Genevieve Kelley would be in prison today where she belongs.
  8. Minor Violating Custody Agreement – The question if minor children locking hands in protest, disrespecting a judge and refusing custody time with their father can be held responsible by the Family Court for adhering to a Custody Order was not answered. in other words, can only a parent be jailed for violation of the custody order? That said, in Michigan even the Judicial Tenure Commission tried to weigh in on this and that led to the firing of its politically connected executive as well as a highly respected judge being possibly suspended. There were shamefully public hearings held on this open custody case involving minor children.
  9. Search Warrants on Third Party Conspirators – The Dede Evavold Search Warrants on her home became a new model for child recovery in Family Abductions. With so much digital evidence available, third party conspirators are now open to having their homes searched and computer devices ceased.
  10. Poster Child Contemplates Suicide While Underground – Damon Moelter, poster child for the protective parent movement, admitted on ABC 20/20 that he contemplated suicide while undeground. It sounds like this now adult-child who is estranged from his biological father and brothers is really sending the message to other protective moms that they shouldn’t send their children underground. That life is lonely and certainly not in the “best interests of children”.

So that was 2016 and in 2017, we would like to see the recovery of more abducted children including the Watter Children in Australia, Christopher and Lisa Zaharias and Timmothy Pitzen.Follow our Twitter account for updates. And we’d like to see the Protective Parent / Family Court Critic Movements take a strong public position against Family Abductions and we’d like to see more local County Courts or Federal Courts follow Dakota County lead in Minnesota in prosecuting Parental Kidnappers and their third party accomplices to the maximum possible sentences.

Finally, thanks to all of you that contributed to the website and out Twitter account with your comments. This is one of the only websites on the Internet with open discussions between the protective parent movement supporters and the family abduction / child protection / coparenting advocates. In 2016, the website received a record number of visitors. Thanks again.

Happy New Year!

The Editor



8 Responses to Highlights of 2016 – Family Abduction Watch

  1. Pam Nelson says:


  2. Letthemspeak says:

    Your gonna want to remove your lies about Michelle Wolferts, Ed. You might be a pi and get some info from whomever you think is valid info. But facts are facts. xxxx is an admitted xxxxx. Utah messed up.

    Maybe you should wish for courts to save the abused children so they don’t have to run away for safety.

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Letthemspeak, If you get Michelle and Brittany to ask their supporters to remove all of the teenagers photos, medical records and names off of the their websites, I will remove all Michelle Wolferts case info from this blog. These teenagers deserve privacy in moving forward with their lives. Michelle needs to follow the lead of Kelly Rutherford, Madonna and others.

      I could only imagine what it’s like for these teenagers to go to school let alone go on the Internet knowing that their info is out there. It’s time to move along.

      I ask any of our readers to post the website addresses and Facebook accounts of those sites.

      The Editor

      • Letthemspeak says:


        The pictures were provided by the father. There are no medical records up of S.W. or D.W.

        The fact is you have zero evidence to back your data. Brittany was never charged. The charges were dropped. Brian was found for the abuse he caused before the girls ran away.

        They tried every legal way for their voices to be heard. The system failed them.

        Ed Michelle is not online. You know this. Brian and Angie are online.

        You make money off parental abductions. I guess your sort of part of the divorce industry.

      • Margo/Mom says:

        Letthemspeak: I have not followed the Wolfert’s case as closely as some others, and so I will allow that there may be a greater degree of “messiness” in terms of coordination between the court systems of two states, along with two sets of child protective agencies. Thus I am somewhat less willing than in some other cases to offer a high endorsement to the resolution arrived at by the courts with regard to the best interests of these children.

        However, what seems to tip the balance for a good many of the strident voices in the “protective” movement is their firm belief that the structures of professionals: social workers, guardian ad litems, judges, courts and child protective agencies are inherently corrupt and operating out of some malevolent intent to make children’s lives miserable. I beg to differ. Despite the occasional headline-making case (such as the judge in Pennsylvania getting kickbacks from sentencing kids to some out-of-state provider of fixit services for criminally inclined kids), I believe that these systems truly offer the best efforts of a good many people who care deeply about children and families and are routinely face with making incredibly tough decisions for families too dysfunctional to be able to make decisions on their own.

        There seems to be a circulating mythology that when state and federal dollars are dedicated to the kinds of services that help kids from such families holds their lives together (including social work, counseling, foster care) that people like judges and social workers are able to pocket the funds personally. Some misguided folks look at something like the federal budget for foster care and don’t realize that it breaks out to something like $500/month to support a child in somebody’s home. Foster parents are glad to get it, but harbor no illusions that it covers the full cost of raising a kid.

        Like I said, I haven’t studied the Wolferts as closely as some other cases, but I have read some transcripts, along with some articles and particularly what is available via social media. I just googled to be certain, and what comes up are the same sites discounting any of the professional evaluations (except for one social worker), claiming corruption in the courts, justifying the Mom and older sister in hiding the runaways and making lots of accusations that have never been upheld in court about the father. And perhaps some gratuitous suppositions about the folks who either transported the kids or helped to re-acclimate them to life with their dad. Stuff posted by the dad, or in his defense, is hard to find and pretty old.

        One of the best outcomes of the recent Michigan case is that several of the most active sites spreading info about the kids have either been taken down, or changed to remove the family name from them. I take this as a hopeful sign that the parents were able to jointly make this demand ON BEHALF OF THEIR KIDS, who assure you do not enjoy (as no kids do) having their parents’ drama all over the internet with their names and pictures attached.

    • Michelle Wolferts is the liar who claimed that she didn’t know where S and D were when they disappeared. The sad fact is Michelle did know where they were and chose not to disclose it to anybody.

      • Letthemspeak says:

        Cause you have read the court transcripts and listened to the hearings? Cause you have seen the stuff that cleared her? Cause you know her? No. Your statement has no foundation.

      • Letthemspeak,

        Michelle Wolferts knew where the girls were and chose not to disclose where they were.
        She reported them as runaways. You know what that’s called? It’s called filing a false police report.
        She took her two teenaged daughters and hid them from their father without just cause. You know what that’s called? Kidnapping and violation of a custody decree.

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