Sandra Rucki Released from Jail

Sandra Rucki was released from jail on Monday, October 25, 2016 after serving 34 days in jail. Unfortunately our jail system is not like an Episode of Law and Order, the victims of this crime were not notified prior to Sandra being released from jail. Even after the media widely reported that Sandra’s attorney said that Sandra had not plans to follow the terms of her probation.


Released from Jail 

This family abduction case is now in the Probation Stage of this crime. It is now up to the Probation Office to ensure that Sandra follows the terms of her probation. In past cases where children are involved, the Probation Department will mandate that the convicted parental kidnapper wear an ankle bracelet to protect the victims in the case. It’s apparent that the situation needs to be de-escalated and the safety and rights of the victims need to be protected.


4 Responses to Sandra Rucki Released from Jail

  1. Margo/Mom says:

    Apparently she violated probation (by not reporting to her PO) and has been arrested.

  2. Anna says:

    Why does the judge want her on ankle bracelet when she can be in jail and won’t pose a risk to anyone behind bars? Ankle bracelet is not fool proof sometimes they lose a signal or can be slipped off a small foot. I say lock her up and be done!

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