It’s Time for Dede Evavold to Move On


Dede Evavold

Dede Evavold did the crime now she needs to do the time. In the best interest of the Rucki children that rightfully deserve their privacy, it is time for Dede to move along. With good behavior, she can reduce the amount of time she spends in jail.

The Protective Parent / Family Court Critic Movement has existed for many years in evangelizing and supporting the crime of parental kidnapping, but the verdict in the Rucki case has sent a loud and clear message — our Nation’s Criminal Justice System will no longer tolerate this crime. It took over almost 25 years since the Faye Yager trial, but the prosecution of Dede Evavold as an accomplice should do more to deter others from engaging in this crime than any other case.

Unfortunately with any criminal case in the media, it often attracts some nefarious characters with grievances again others. Some of these characters may be an active threat not only to the victims of this crime but to possibly themselves and the community. That being said, it is time for Dede to move along and let the victims of this crime have some peace. This family and these children need to move forward with the lives and it’s time for Dede and her supporters to respect this.


2 Responses to It’s Time for Dede Evavold to Move On

  1. Pamela Nelson says:

    Awesome news thank you

  2. Margo/Mom says:

    Grazzini-Rucki, Evavold and Michelle McDonald are quite the trio. Each individually evokes suspicions of mental/emotional malfunctioning. However, Evavold does seem to edge a bit further than the others into the category of “danger to self or others,” as suggested by letters she has been sending to various officials while incarcerated. .

    Logic does not seem to be her friend, either. She “represented” herself at trial by introducing no evidence, examining or cross-examining no witnesses. Yet, the theme running through the published letter is that the system is rigged against her and that she was not permitted to present a defense.

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