More Search Warrants Needed in Family Abduction Cases Against Accomplices


Police Enter St. Cloud Home of Dede Evavold

In Family Abduction Cases, it is a well known statistic that in 75% of the cases, a family member or friend knows the location of the abductor and kidnapped child. In the Sandra Rucki Case, law enforcement raided the home of third party accomplice Dede Evavold with a search warrant and uncovered critical evidence that led to recover the the kidnapped children.

As most victims of parental kidnapping cases would say, the most frustrating part is that family members and friends always always know the location. Yet law enforcement is reticent to get a search warrant and enter the property of the family members and third parties. And in this new digital era, there is usually a digital footprint on cell phone and computers. In past cases, these third parties felt that they were protected from both search and seizure warrants and criminal prosecution.

That all changed with the prosecution in Dakota County Minnesota of Dede Evavold with 6 Felony Counts of Deprivation of Child Custody. That being said, it is hopeful that other local law enforcement and District Attorneys will study this case to assist them in bringing home the thousands of currently missing children.

As we have learned from almost all of these protective parent cases, it’s nearly impossible for any protective parent to go underground or hide with a kidnapped child for a very long period of time. They will always need financial assistance and support from their families and friends.

Again, it’s time to bring home the other children and to prosecute these accomplices. It may also be time for some of these accomplices to step forward before they too end up in jail like Sandra Grazzini and Dede Evavold.


3 Responses to More Search Warrants Needed in Family Abduction Cases Against Accomplices

  1. justice now says:

    Lori Wacker Musolf is being protected by the Lakeville PD, the Dakota Co Prosecutors Office who has refused to bring any criminal charges against her. Why? Ms Musolf was in contact with the missing Rucki sisters days after they went missing. She arranged the Fox9 interview and had critical info about the case that she withheld. One phone call to 911 by Lori could have ended this nightmare. Why hasn’t she been charged?

    • Margo/Mom says:

      I believe that as a journalist she has some protection against revealing sources. But I have wondered also exactly where the limits are. She was clearly a step beyond simply reporting on a crime in progress–possibly aiding and abetting.

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