Dede Evavold Found Guilty of 6 Felony Counts


Dede Evavold – Found Guility

In a historic verdict and 3-day Trial, a jury found Minnesota Protective Parent Movement Advocate Dede Evavold guilty of 6 Felony Counts. She was taken into custody.

Dede Evavold, one of the former leaders of the Minnesota Protective Parents Group and outspoken Family Court Critic assisted Sandra Grazzini-Rucki in kidnapping Sandra’s two daughters. Sandra Rucki was found guilty of 4 Felony Counts of Deprivation of Child Custody earlier this year.

Rather than hire an attorney or use a public defender or plead guilty, Dede Evavold elected to represent herself (she is not a lawyer). As her close friend and attorney Michelle MacDonald did not represent her.

Editor’s Note: Wow, this is a huge step toward shutting down the protective parent movement and encouraging those Family Court Critics to not engage in kidnapping or civil disobedience. It does not appear that the Protective Parent Network of Lawyers and Expert Witnesses stepped up to help Evavold in her legal defense. After this verdict, why would any divorcing mother trust the protective parent network. This verdict and a long prison sentence for Evavold would send a strong message to protective moms that they should respect the courts and exhaust their legal remedies in these cases before electing illegal ones. WOW!


2013 Photo of Dede Evavold and Sandra Grazzini-Rucki (Video by Attorney Michelle MacDonald)

The Smoking Gun in the Dede Evavold Trial. Missing in Minnesota reports that Dede Evavold sent Sandra Grazzini-Rucki an email with the criminal statutes for deprivation of parental rights. This is thought to be the most convincing evidence against Dede Evavold. She knew exactly what the crime was and the associated risk. Tonight Dede Evavold is in jail for her part in the kidnapping of the teenagers.





6 Responses to Dede Evavold Found Guilty of 6 Felony Counts

  1. Troy Olson says:

    Yeah for the douche bag deadbeat dad’s of the US Courts. You now have a court case you can cite against your protective ex once you use your false PA claim against her.

    • underwatch says:

      Troy, this verdict should help to deter protective moms and their supporters from engaging in a family abduction. If you do the crime you will do the time. After a couple has a child, it should be all about coparenting and the best interests of the child.

      • Troy says:

        How about measures that place needs of the children above all like the Safe Child Act? If there weren’t so many abusive fathers then there would be no need for protective mothers in the first place. Vengeful Father’s Syndrome would make anybody want to run away if living in that kind of home.

      • underwatch says:

        Troy, a protective mom has many legal alternatives in these cases. The issue with protective moms like Sandra Rucki is that she didn’t use them. Today, both Sandra and Dede are in jail where they belong. Respect the courts and follow the law or you too will end up where they are.

    • Margo/Mom says:

      Troy, there are criteria for the diagnosis of disorders resulting from parental alienation that distinguish children’s behavior from that typical of abuse. This is in addition to the investigative authority of law enforcement and children’s services entities. In this case, as well as some others that have garnered headlines, there have been strong cases indicative of alienation as opposed to abuse. Clearly all human institutions are imperfect, however, making blanket accusations regarding false PA claims is no more helpful than blanket accusations regarding false abuse claims.

      If nothing else in this case stands out, it should be that this mother, after assisting her teenage daughters in running away then abandoned them–apparently contributing nothing to their support, lying to authorities about her knowledge of their whereabouts, and making to attempts to contact them or ensure their ongoing safety and/or well-being. This alone should call into question not only her fitness to parent (as already adjudicated), but the veracity of claims she has made regarding her husband.

      The fact that people like Evavold, the Dahlens and attorney Michelle McDonald not only appear to believe, but have duped others into believing, in some kind of corrupt court conspiracy to place children in abusive situations, is frightening.

    • Troy what if it was your teenaged daughters who turned up missing and your ex knew exactly where they were?
      You wouldn’t be calling them “protective” now would you?
      The police and the court systems were perfectly within their right to bring charges against these kidnappers.

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