Dede Evavold’s Trial to Begin


Six Felony Counts for  Deprivation of Parental Rights in Sandra Rucki Case

A historic trial begins in Dakota County, Minnesota with the Criminal trial of Dede Evavold. Dede is accused of six felony counts of Deprivation of Parental Rights with her involvement in the Sandra Rucki Family Abduction Case. The prosecution of third party “protective parent network” or “family court critic” supporters is not common since most of these co-conspirators usually reside in other states or jurisdictions. However, the kidnapped girls were found in Hermann, Minnesota and the District Attorney has also charged Evavold. Dede Evavold was one of the founders of the Minnesota Protective Parents Organization. She is shown on Youtube videos with Sandra Rucki supporting the “protective parent” / “family court critic” movement.

Sandra Rucki was found guilty earlier this year, Dede Evavold elected not to take a plea a deal with the local district attorney. Evavold does not have a lawyer and is representing herself.

Where is Evavold’s friend, attorney and judicial candidate Michelle MacDonald?

Today in court Evavold was offered a plea deal to two counts, stay of adjudication, probation of three years, jail sentence under 90 days. She did not take the deal. She has no witness list, she has not provided the state with any discovery.

Editor’s Note: As a protective parent/family court critic movement supporter and kidnapper, Dede Evavold wants to use our Criminal Court system as a form of protest. She has no regard for the costs of a jury trial to the county. She has no lawyer nor does she want one.

9/27/2016 Update: Dede Evavold’s trial began today at 1:30pm. A jury has been selected. She is still representing herself. She declined to make an opening statement.


4 Responses to Dede Evavold’s Trial to Begin

  1. She’s taking a huge risk. Usually people who choose to reprensent themselves are rarely successful.

    • Margo/Mom says:

      She seems to be part of an arrogant/crazy fringe. I have read some of the things that she has filed with the court. Makes wild accusations of corruption and trumped-up charges, illegal accusations and processes.

      Def not the way to get on a judge’s good side. Seems to want to be a martyr.

      • I think it could be that she doesn’t think that she did anything wrong.

      • underwatch says:

        With no lawyer, she gives no opening statements and provides no witnesses. It sounds like she is not testifying either. It sure sounds like her friend Michelle MacDonald is giving her very bad advice. It’s as if she id daring the jury and judge to send her to prison. Where is the protective parent network attorneys?

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