Time for the Evavold and The Dahlens to Plead Guilty to the Felony Charges

Sandra Rucki Conspirators

Now that Sandra Rucki was found guilty of 6 Felony Charges, it’s time for Dede Evavold, Doug Dahlen and Gina Dahlen to plead guilty and spare the taxpayers the expense of a trial.

Sandra Rucki is scheduled to be sentenced on September 21st. Dede Evavold’s trial is scheduled to begin on September 26th.

These three cases are some of the very small number of criminal prosecutions of third party conspirators Family Abduction cases. We hope the prosecutor does not reduce these charges from a felony in any plea deal.




4 Responses to Time for the Evavold and The Dahlens to Plead Guilty to the Felony Charges

  1. Margo/Mom says:

    Excellent news.

  2. Tash says:

    You’re obviously an abusive psychopath who wants to demonize women who want to protect their own children.

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Tash, is that what you think about the jury too? You might want to take the time to lookup some of those words you are using. Why could’t Sandra Rucki share custody like share custody like the majority of other divorced parents? What makes Sandra do different? And with the money she had, with an attorney like Michelle MacDonald and her partner in crime Dede Evavold — why did they go the protective parent kidnapping route? There were so many other legal options and alternatives they could have used. It’s not women that are demonized but protective parents that should have better judgement.

    • Clearly Tash you’re the one who wants to demonize men who want to be in their children’s lives and for some reason the mothers won’t let them.

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