Sandra Rucki Trial Update Mon July 25th

Here is an update of the highlights from today:

  • Sandra Rucki was on the stand today and cross examined before lunch by her attorney Stephen Grigsby and after lunch by the prosecutor for 4 hours. When cross-examined, Sandra Rucki blamed some of the inconsistencies on her attorney Michelle MacDonald.
  • Michael Rhedin was served with restraining order by a deputy while he was him the court order.
  • The court was notified that someone had take pictures inside the judicial center during a break last week and posted them on Twitter.



One Response to Sandra Rucki Trial Update Mon July 25th

  1. Margo/Mom says:

    Also following Brodkorb’s tweets, as well as a few others. All I can say is, what a circus! If anyone needed convincing that the court did not err in removing Sandra Grazzini-Rucki from unsupervised contact to begin with, there is certainly plenty of it on view right now.

    The Jury is rightly sheltered from some of the drama–Evavold’s missives to authorities claiming a rigged trial and blog-posting, Rhedin’s photography and twitter posting of various observers (leading to a protection order). However G-R blaming her various inconsistencies and dishonesties under oath on her Family Court attorney and admitting that a federal suit against a judge was to garner public attention, well, those things (not to mention some outbursts from her current attorney) have occured on the record and in view of the Jury. And they have not challenged any of the facts of the case–the abduction/custodial interference is admitted.

    I am astonished that anyone can take up a banner of protective parenting in regard to this woman.

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