Sandra Rucki Trial Update

We’ve been following some tweets from @MissingInMN on Sandra Rucki’s Criminal Trial. here’s an update:

  • The Prosecution put a Lakeville Police Office, Tammy Love (the aunt), Gina Dahlen, Doug Dahlen and Dede Evavold on the stand. There are no reports as to what these prosecution witnesses testified to.
  • The Prosecution rested on Day 3.
  • On Day 3, the recovering father was served by Sandra Rucki’s boyfriend Michael Rhedin with a subpoena for his daughter. Rhedin has previously been found guilty for brining a weapon on school grounds. The recovering father subsequently asked the court for a restraining order on Michael Rhedin.
  • On Day 3, the defense made numerous motions to get the older daughter to testify. The prosecution and the father and the daughter did not want her to testify.
  • On Day 4, 2 of the 8 Felony Charges were dismissed against Sandra Rucki.
  • On Day 4, the judge cleared the courtroom to address snide remarks by Sandra Rucki’s attorney Stephen Grisby.
  • On Day 4, Sandra Rucki’s daughter was allowed to testify via teleconference. Her testimony is reported in the Star Tribune.
  • On Day 4, Sandra Rucki showed no emotion during her daughter’s video testimony.
  • On Day 4, Sandra Rucki took the witness stand.
  • The court is in recess until 9AM on Monday.

Editor’s Note: It appears that this judge allowed the testimony of the daughter to prevent an appeal. We applaud  this judge for allowing the victim adult-child to testify by video. This respects the rights of this victim of a parental kidnapping.

We’re not sure what to make of the daughter’s testimony. She more than likely realizes that if she discloses certain information, her mother might go to prison for a very long time. But how can any parent just leave a child with strangers for 2 years and allegedly never speak with her. If that occurred, we thing that is so horrible that Sandra Rucki needs to go to prison for a very long time. We think the daughter is more than likely still suffering from some form of Stockholm Syndrome.

We are not surprised that protective mom Sandra Rucki took the witness stand. These protective moms always convince their attorneys to allow them to testify.



One Response to Sandra Rucki Trial Update

  1. Margo/Mom says:

    My take on the daughter’s testimony is that the divorce process itself (regardless of any alleged abuse) was pretty intensely disruptive–inclusive of court actions AND various fights between Mom and Dad. What she appears to have desired at the point at which she and her sister ran was some way OUT, and believed that her Mom could accomplish that for her.

    What truly struck me was her statement about how very long ago all that was and that she had not seen her mother during all that time. I can only imagine how painful that must be.

    I agree that she must be aware of the burden that her testimony could result in her mother’s imprisonment–which has to be a really awful experience. BTW–this would be incredibly consistent with typical behavior of kids who experience parental abuse–they struggle (at the very least) with feelings of loyalty. They do not present (as many protective parents claim they do) with the total rejection of an allegedly abusive parent that we have seen in the Michigan and other cases. Rather, they tend to assume both guilt (at times) for the parent’s behavior, and a protective role that attempts to blunt consequences for the parent’s behavior.

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