A Summary of Day 1 of the Sandra Rucki Criminal Trial

Sandra Rucki and Michael Rhedin

Sandra Rucki and Boyfriend Michael Rhedin (Photo: Missing in Minnesota)

  • Criminal Charges Charges — Sandra Grazzini-Rucki has been charged with eight felony counts of depravation of parental rights by in Dakota County, Minnesota. In this Teenager Family Abduction Trial, the children were kidnapped for 944 days (April 2013 to November 2015).
  • Co-conspirators — Dede Evavold (represents self, not an attorney), Douglas Dahlen (represented by Travis Keil) and Gina Dahlen (represented by Kyle White) have been charged with felonies related to the disappearance of the girls. The co-conspirator trials will take place separately. The co-conspirators have been granted “use immunity”.
  • The Judge — The Judge is Karen Asphaug.
  • Sandra’s Defense Attorney — Sandra Rucki is represented by Criminal Defense Attorney Stephen Grigsby.
  • Sandra’s Family Law Attorney — Is Michelle MacDonald.
  • Jury Selection – Started on Monday, July 18th. The jurors 22 men/26 women were given a 13 page questionnaire.
  • The Sisters — They are now 18 and 16. They are living with the custodial father. One graduated from high school. (names are withheld for privacy in a Family Abduction Case)
  • The boyfriends– Sandra’s boyfriends are Michael Rhedin and/or Jack Auld.


Missing in Minnesota

Star Tribune


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