Breaking: Judge Lisa Gorcyca plans to contest misconduct findings

Oakland County Judge Lisa Gorcyca plans to contest a report finding she committed judicial misconduct in a child custody dispute that gained international headlines, her lawyer, Thomas Cranmer, told the Free Press today.

“While we respect the process, we were both surprised and disappointed with the master’s report,” Cranmer said in a news release. “We believe that both the facts and the law support Judge Gorcyca’s position.”

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Editor’s Note: The parents settled their custody case and both parties are not speaking to the media (which must and should have been the terms of the settlement.) The court records are also being sealed like they should have been.

The controversial Family Court Critics Group tried this case on the Internet and are pressuring judges to rule in their favor. The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission system appears to be the real system that is broken in that it allowed public hearings on an ongoing custody case. This was an embarrassment to the legal system. In addition, this commission should not have been allowed to weigh-in on the custody case. In our self-correcting legal system, it is hopeful that the this appeal and the Michigan Supreme Court will overturn or ignore this findings.

There are certainly lesson learned in this case.

  1. Court investigator or evaluators that are authoring custody reports should not bring up Charles Manson in your report. If any judge in America mentions this is a court room, they are easy targets for the media and any investigator.
  2. Any custody litigant that gets a unfavorable ruling in Michigan Family Law Court should file a complaint against the judge with the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission.
  3. Michigan Family Law Judges should seal court documents in all Family Law Custody Cases and issue gag orders against all parties involved.

47 Responses to Breaking: Judge Lisa Gorcyca plans to contest misconduct findings

  1. Margo/Mom says:

    Just a note–sealing the documents, and the presumption of an agreement by the parties not to speak to the press has not silenced the cheerleaders. A claim has been widely circulated that full custody was granted to Mom. This belief has been sourced to one of the Child Justice legal team. Were this the case, it is very difficult to imagine what circumstances might have tipped the balance in the direction of Dad ever agreeing to that. Ongoing prayers for the family.

    Re: Judge Gorcyca, I applaud her willingness to continue her personal fight here. The Michigan Supreme Court has been far from willing of late to rubber stamp findings from the JTC, and Director Fischer is acquiring quite a history of highly questionable findings that have been turned back by the Court. In this case he must certainly deal with the appearance of impropriety in attempting to set up meetings with various members of Dad’s and the children’s legal representatives and the Israeli consulate.

  2. Judge obviously bribed. Dad’s lawyer is judge’s best friend. Judge ILLEGALLY took children away from LAWFUL Parent (Mom) and barred Mom from any contact with her kids. Anyone else do the same they would be in JAIL but judges are above the law in US. Judge ILLEGALLY Jailed kids for refusing to talk to or like “healthy relationship” their abuser-dad (substantiated abuse). ILLEGAL – no law mandating kids talk to or like a parent. Thank G-d Kids are back full time with Mom due to public scrutiny of this blatant judicial corruption. Omer surrendered rather then be exposed at public trial as the sociopath abuser he is.

    • underwatch says:

      Hadassah, do you really think that dad gave an envelope of money to his lawyer to give to the judge? The mom had 16 lawyers. Judge G’s ruling actually forced the mom to “respect” the court and to negotiate. So in the end, why did it take this long for the mom to agree to coparent? Do you think the legal fees spent by these parents was a good use of their earnings?
      I understand the father and the family initially relocated to Israel. It sounds more like the mom and kids didn’t want to live abroad. Mom used PAL and parental kidnapping to move back to the U.S. And using her 16 attorneys did not coparent. So in the end, wouldn’t several years abroad been good for these children? But wait, what about the mother’s career? She probably should never had agreed to go abroad – a poor decision. It’s time for this family to get their privacy and move forward. Thanks to Judge G, this mom has now agreed to start abiding by court orders. Mom and the children certainly realized there are consequences to their actions.

      • Margo/Mom says:

        Interesting thing about Mom’s career. She seems to have abandoned it–not only not working in her field (pediatric opthalmology), but also allowing her license to practice to lapse. While there are rumors that Dad was somehow able to destroy her career in America while living in Israel, it has always looked to me as an indicator of deeper issues that Mom has. Even in the field of medicine (including surgery), being bright and talented can only get one so far if unreliable and lacking in people skills. It seems that she did have a good career and prospects at one time–and was even able to protect this by taking a leave of absence for the time she was in Israel.

      • Bribes are usually done by lawyers – Dad’s lawyer is Gorcyca’s good pal. Mom obeyed court orders – dad got his visitation on the rare occasions he bothered to visit. Per Gorcyca “problem” was child abuse victims refused to talk to their abuser. That is NOT Mom’s fault – that’s Abuser-Dad’s fault. Mom has always agreed to co-parent. It is DAD who is DOCUMENTED as demanding that Mom be cut out of children’s lives. It is DAD who refused orders from court-appointed therapists to let Mom see Kids. It is DAD who is the Parental Alienator. And his bribed judge gorcyca who has cut many MOTHERS out of the lives of their children.

      • underwatch says:

        Hadassah, you should be careful with allegations against a judge. There is free speech and there is slander. It is more likely that the mom had no control or boundaries with her children. Custody time should not be optional with a younger child. The kids locking hands like protesters – what kind of mom raises children like that? We hear the bribery allegation only by non-custodial mothers. Mom appears to be the abuser here. Is the dad remarried? How about the mom? Could the motive be anger and revenge like in many family abduction cases?

  3. The constitution MANDATES PUBLIC Trials in order to prevent corrupt judges from making obviously insane rulings and/or breaking laws – both which happened in this case. The Public is functioning as the constitution intended – as a WATCHDOG over judicial corruption. It is a fact that Judge Gorcyca broke numerous laws to aid and abet the wishes of a substantiated child abuser – switching custody without a hearing, barring Mom from all contact without a hearing, jailing children who broke no law, making gag orders that Federal Judge has declared violate Right of Free Speech and are designed to protect crooked judges from public oversight.

    • underwatch says:

      Hadassah, in other states complaints against judges are not public. In juvenile cases, the proceedings are not public to protect the minor. Do you think the publicity and Internet postings on this case were good for these children? Do you think these children showed respect for our legal system? What if one of these kids has a legal issue later in life? Will he or she also think the laws are unfair and the judge was bribed?

      • That other states violate constitution mandating PUBLIC trials is no proof. There is no exception in constitution called “protecting minor”. And these SECRET trials ENDANGER minors and protect CROOKED JUDGES. PUBLICITY saved the Tsimhoni children who were rescued from Abuser-Dad and restored to Mom only due to Public Scrutiny. These kids were Honor Roll students by Mom and never in trouble with law. But I am sure the kids think our judicial system is corrupt BECAUSE IT IS!

      • underwatch says:

        The mom finally settled and is adhering to the non-public gag order that is currently in place. Only after Judge G changed custody did the mom agree to coparent. This is common when protective moms allege abuse, the child is removed from both parents for observation. In this case, mom was the alleged PAL Abuser so custody was removed. So now the Family Law hearing and custody orders are sealed. Even if you are not okay with that — it should be that way. If you were an employer, when you did a background check on the Internet and found all these documents about the children and their parents online — would you hire these young adults? I think it’s time for the mom’s supporters to start deleting these documents about these former honor roll kids from the Internet! If you really cared about protecting these children, that’s what you would do. But in the end, the cause is more important than these poster children. I applaud the father and his attorney for sealing these records. The mom’s 15 attorneys couldn’t even get the mom to agree to seal the court records. That is disturbing. Do you actually believe it was the publicity that settled the case or the mom’s time away from her children and her new respect for a judge’s court orders? Btw, thanks for posting your comments. Protective parent supporters are welcome to post on this site. It is always fascinating how they support their views on our Nation’s Family Courts and their support for acts of cilvil disobedience. I truly would like to hear your justification for leaving the children’s court documents on the Internet.

  4. 1. Mom is not an alienator. Per Richard Gardner, father of PA one can’t be accused of alienation if there is substantiated abuse which there is. Also 5 years of Abandonment. No hearing proving Mom is an alienator because there is zero proof.

    2. Mom has control over kids. Kids are Honor Roll students and described as well behaved by teachers, principals, coaches etc. Mom brought kids to visitation. Kids were ILLEGALLY abused by Judge for years for culminating in being Jailed for refusing to speak to the man who hit their Mom. And abused them – Substantiated. Kids were abused if they testified about dad’s abuse. This is justice??? I though courts were supposed to protect the victims – not act as thugs for hire for the abusers.

    3. Mom always agreed to co-parent the kids. Mom brought kids to visitation. Mom agreed to joint custody – Dad demanded SOLE custody. It is DAD who is the parental alienator and refused to co-parent. It is DAD who demanded that MOM be cut out of kids lives – granted by his judge. It is DAD who refused orders from court appointed therapists that Mom visit kids. It is DAD who demanded SOLE custody – Mom agreed to joint.

    4. It was only due to Public Scrutiny that this Mom got back her kids. There are thousands more atrocities being committed in these custody suits due to illegal gag orders and government controlled press suppressing these atrocities.

    5. These records should remain public so we can gather momentum to pressure government to stop these egregious violations of due process and constitution committed by these evil corrupt judges – torturing innocent children and parents and destroying their lives.

    6. The Tsimhoni children are heroes for standing up to tyranny and will have no problem gaining employment. Maybe they will be activists like Damon Dumas.

    • underwatch says:

      Damon Dumas thought of committing suicide while underground. Only a borderline and narcissistic parent would put their child in that position. Many kidnapped children never move forward with their life, career and relationship with their siblings and left-behind parent. I hope this is not the case with Damon. A hero is Amy Neustein’s child, Columbia, Harvard etc. She never appeared on Jerry Springer/the TV Talk Shows. She was able to set clear boundaries with her protective mom.

  5. “only after Judge G changed custody did mom agree to co-parent”

    YOU LIE! Mom brought kids to visitation. It is OMER who refused to co-parent – cutting Mom out of kids lives. And Judge G committed kidnapping – removing children from lawful guardian and barring all contact. If anybody else did that they would be in JAIL for kidnapping. But judges are above the law in US.

    • underwatch says:

      Why do you think the mom finally agreed to joint custody? Is that a good or bad thing?

      • You got that backwards. Mom ALWAYS agreed to joint custody. It was OMER who finally agreed to joint custody with Primary custody by Mom after filing fighting for Sole Custody with Mom cut out.

        Why do you think Omer finally agreed to joint custody with Primary custody by Mom? Because of Public Scrutiny the corrupt evaluators (Okla, Hayes) could not get away with diagnosing Mom with PA based on nothing.

  6. I see you are trying to spin this that Judge G “fixed” Mom or “fixed” the kids. Nothing can be further from the truth. Mom always brought kids to visitation on the very rare occasions Dad bothered to visit. Kids relationship with Dad was not “fixed” even after 9 months no contact – still refused to talk to the abuser who cut them off from their Mom.

    You are trying to spin this as a victory for Dad – nothing further from the truth. Dad’s goal was to get Mom permanently cut out with the help of Judge Gorcyca who has a long history of permanently cutting out MOTHERS from the children’s lives. But you are OK with MOTHERS being cut out of kids lives, right?

    This is a great victory for Mom and the kids. It is a victory for Public Scrutiny correcting an injustice. The records should remain so all can see how flagrantly judges break the law to help abusers and persecute the innocent.

    • underwatch says:

      The mom bought the children to the dad’s custody time but did not coparent or ensure the children’s dad was promoted in a positive manner to the children – that’s the PAL today’a Abuser – did you even watch this video? Was the attorney also paid off? How can you call the father the abuser in one sentence and say the mom wanted to coparent but now believe the mom and dad can coparent. It sounds like you might be delusional here. And you believe these kids want their stories on the Internet? If they do, then the kids have some form of Stockholm Syndrome. Get these kids names and custody documents off the Internet now! It’s an invasion of their privacy!

      • What is the proof that Mom did not promote dad in a positive manner to the children? Mom always stated she wanted Dad to be part of kid’s lives – unlike Omer who is on record as demanding and getting Mom cut out of kid’s lives. You acknowledge that Mom brought kids to visitation but Omer refused orders of court appointed therapists to let Mom see the kids. Mom is on record as suggesting Dad move to US so he can be part of kids lives (Omer refused). Mom was praised in 5 reports for encouraging kids to interact with Dad. Which parent demanded sole custody? So, who is the parental alienator here? Who is the one who refused to co-parent? Please respond.

      • underwatch says:


        Listen to the YouTube video:

        The attorney for the children is the one saying it. He was certainly not paid off!

  7. I understand why you want the court documents off the internet. This case exposes blatant judicial law breaking and corruption. And dads can’t win custody (and cut out Moms) without law breaking, corruption, violation of due process, illegal gag orders and sealing of evidence. I hope someone writes a book on the Tsimhoni case to wake up the American People to the atrocities committed in US courts. Better yet, make a movie.

    • underwatch says:

      I don’t think any teenager wants to read amount themselves on the Internet. You must never have raised a teenager if you can’t understand that.

      You don’t need to exploit the personal lives of these children to improve our Nation’s Family Law Courts. These children didn’t even respect the GALs our court deputies. I think most parents that can clearly set boundaries with their children wouldn’t tolerate this behavior with their children.

      In Juvenile Court and in rape cases, the identities of the children are kept confidential. In family court proceedings, if a mother says her former spouse is an abuser, than it’s not private. In Australian, it’s illegal to publish a photo of a child involved in a custody case. Yet with the public Internet, you have organizations that are taking advantage of our lack of privacy laws in this area and trying to blackmail judges into favorable rulings for protective moms.

    • underwatch says:

      Hadassah, remove the the custody docs off the Internet. Protective the privacy of these children. There is a court order now sealing these documents. It’s not responsible to ignore the Judge’s order and the desire of both parties and their attorneys in the case. I would be surprised if the parents don’t get a court order ordering these sites to remove the documents or serve Google and Bing with removal orders. I would also ask the courts to order these sites to pay attorney fees.

  8. I see you refused to respond to my question on which parent is the parental alienator. “silence is assent” You know it is DAD who is the alienator. It is Dad who refuses to co-parent. It is Dad who tried to get Mom cut out of kids lives with help of Gorcyca who has a long history of cutting Moms out of kids lives.

    • underwatch says:

      Listen to the Youtube video. The mom is the alienator. If she were a teacher, would you send your kids to her class or transfer them out? She is no mother of the year. It seems that the dad’s custody rights improved significantly thanks to Judge G.

      They say a tiger never loses its stripes. Do you think the mother is actually able to coparent or will this case eventually find its way back to the courtroom. Let’s hope “everyone” adheres to the gag order!

      • I listened to the Youtube video. And I heard the Judge and GAL call the Mom an alienator over and over. That is NOT proof. The proof they offered is how resistant the children were to being with Dad.

        Abused children resisting being with the man who abused them (substantiated) and their mother is NOT proof of alienation – Per father of alienation Dr. Richard Gardner – can’t claim alienation if there is abuse. There is twice substantiated child abuse, there is kids testifying to witnessing domestic abuse – kids called 911, there is 5 years of abandonment, there is dad asking for kids to be jailed and refusing to release them from jail. One child was assaulted in jail. Dad willingly gave his kids criminal records that destroy the kids whole future. Then Dad demanded that Mom be cut out of the children’s lives – which the CDC says shortens children’s lifespans.

        All this abuse that horrified the whole world and gained media attention around the world is just IGNORED by the judge and GAL while they blame the Mother – NOT THE ABUSER (Dad) – for the kids rejection of the Abuser!!! The Judge also screamed and insulted LT whenever LT testified to witnessing Dad hit Mom. Court appointed therapists did the same – calling kids “liars” “vicious bullies” “brainwashed”. That is why I say the Judge is bribed and her henchmen (GAL, Evaluators) are helping her fix custody for the Abuser. It is insane to blame Mom for kid’s rejecting a vicious Abuser who endangered their lives and nearly destroyed their entire lives (criminal records).

      • underwatch says:

        I listened to the Youtube video. And I heard the Judge and GAL call the Mom an alienator over and over. That is NOT proof. The proof they offered is how resistant the children were to being with Dad.

        Abused children resisting being with the man who abused them (substantiated) and their mother is NOT proof of alienation – Per father of alienation Dr. Richard Gardner – can’t claim alienation if there is abuse.

        From the timeline, it sounds like the mother kept the kids from the father for extended periods of time (which is a parental abduction). You say “abandonment”, but it may also be a Family Abduction. During reunification periods and with the mom not encouraging coparenting, it seemed clear to the GAL what the mom was doing.

        So at what point can you and should you call your former spouse an “ABUSER”. And and what point would your former spouse have the right to call you an “ABUSER” or the next “Susan Smith” or “Andrea Yates”. You can say the same thing about a “Parental Alienator”. At what point should you call your former spouse a “Parental Alienator”?

        Hadassah, it seems that you carelessly use the term “Abuser” around, but was/is that an allegation or fact? I would think if you want to coparent, then you shouldn’t be disparaging your former spouse at all. It’s about moving on and forward with your lives.

        Over the past two decades, we have seen many children get kidnapped by parents, some get recovered, others don’t. Some parents go to jail, others don’t. Some children reunify with their left-behind parents, others don’t. Some parents go back to coparenting, others don’t. Some parents move forward with their lives and unfortunately, others don’t.

  9. I see Dads rights and Judicial community desperate to cover up the crimes committed in the Tsimhoni case by sealing the records. Exposes the corruption – can’t have that. Child custody is a $50 Billion a year industry for judges (bribes/kickbacks), lawyers, GALs, evaluators, visitation supervisors, etc.

    • underwatch says:

      If divorcing parents could agree to coparent, the Family Court is not needed. Your $50B industry is not needed. DV and protective parent organizations receive millions in federal public funding. So why don’t all protective moms with money bribe the judges and GALs? Some have access to hundreds if thousands but instead got underground.

      • I dont know why women’s organizations dont do more to help abused women in custody suits. But the fact is Dads win 70% of the time when they fight for custody. Which makes no sense because Moms are the Primary Caregivers and the kids want to be with Mom.

        But it is in the best interest of the custody industry to help dads win. Because dads are not going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars unless they have the edge – which they do – 70% wins. 90% wins if there are allegations of sexual abuse which is insane. Dads fighting for custody is a $50 Billion a year industry enriching judges (bribes/kickbacks) lawyers, GALs, Evaluators, Therapists, Visitation Supervisors etc. So it is in the be$t intere$t of the $y$tem to help dads win.

      • underwatch says:

        I would suggest you provide a therapist with a copy of your last two posts and have them provide you feedback. I think your real issue with the family court is you believe in maternal custody and not joint custody. This is an outdated belief system in this new era of coparenting and joint custody. And you believe that a man is not capable of being a primary caregiver. What about two gay men? And I recollect the case of protective mom Cindy Ross who was handcuffed and arrested for DV. Do moms like her never get joint custody under your criteria where she is the abuser. What about the studies indicating that DV is a two-way-street? You appear to have an agenda and a cause and are inserting every proclaimed protective mom into it. But what if the mom lies and alienates her kids because of anger and revenge toward her remarried former spouse?

  10. So if a person is married to a domestic abuser who wants to take away the children and cut her out – tough luck on her? Aren’t courts supposed to protect children from abusers? Why are they helping the Abusers abuse the children and mother?

    • underwatch says:

      The courts now push parents towards joint custody and coparenting. So if your spouse gets convicted in criminal court by the District Attorney for DV against you, then sole custody and supervised visits would apply. But a DV ALLEGATION or THOUGHT that your spouse could be a Lorena Bobbit or Susan Smith is not a free pass to maternal or paternal custody with the power and control to dictate visitation schedules, supervised visitation and the associated receipt of child support payments from your former spouse and his or her new young spouse. Sure, coparenting is difficult as divorcing spouses remarry and your kids needs change as evidenced by any litigant that had 16 attorneys. But calling the man or wife you married the abuser after you walked down the aisle with him and had not just one but multiple kids with is NOT the solution in DV allegation or DV thought cases as a dartboard path to maternal custody.

      Again, if parents can coparent, then our Nation’s Family Courts are not needed. Parents should not blame a Family Court that cannot be expected to create miracles.

  11. CPS substantiated Dad abused and neglected the children. After a different incident, an ER Doctor wrote a report confirming “assault” and multiple “contusions” (bruises). Abandonment is Dad choosing to move 6,000 miles away from his kids and rarely visiting them. Dad had option of working for GM living near kids – and he could have had 50/50 custody had Dad lived in MI. Mom repeatedly asked Dad to move back to US but Dad refused – that’s the Abandonment. And kids told therapists they felt abandoned and unloved by Dad because he moved away and hardly saw him. Yet a judge and all her henchmen (GAL, therapists) ignored all evidence of dad’s abuse and abandonment and blamed MOM that kids rejected Dad!!! That is absolutely ludicrous. Which is why I believe judge is bribed. That is a plausible explanation why the Judge and all her minions act in such an insane manner – ruthlessly persecuting victims of domestic abuse and child abuse while praising the abuser as “a great man” and “I like your dad very much” (Gorcyca). Repeatedly BREAKING THE LAW (jailing kids, switching custody without a hearing, cutting out mom without a hearing) to satisfy the demands of the Abuser-Abandoner-Jailer.

    • underwatch says:

      So the kids like living in America vs. abroad in Israel. In relocation or moveaway cases, as aa third party you shouldn’t judge where a parent decides to live. These issues make you seem like either a family member, close friend or very myopic. These geographical issues come up in many International Custody proceedings. I recollect parents sharing custody 6 months in the USA and 6 Months in Europe, not ideal but an coparenting agreement the parents adhered to.

      You want to escalate the issue rather than de-escalate it for the benefit of the children. It sounds like Judge Young eventually instilled enough fear in both parents that they settled – at least for now. You need to move along for the benefit of this family and quit calling this father an abuser. This mother has to be the Parental Alienator of the Decade, but we too must move along “in the best interests of the children”. In several years, these kids will need to go to college and mom spent hundreds of thousands on 16 attorneys and will no doubt not want to share costs 50/50. It’s time to move on!

      • A man who chooses to move 6,000 miles away from his kids and rarely see them when he had option of transferring to US and having 50/50 custody doesn’t love his kids. This is abandonment.

        And how a man who CHOSE to abandon his kids for five years can demand and GET sole custody, get the Mom cut out from any contact with the kids – without ANY hearing proving Mom is guilty of anything (because there is no evidence) – In direct violation of the law -This is AMERICA??? This is rule of law???

  12. You never responded to this post – who is the parental alienator – Mom or Dad?

    What is the proof that Mom did not promote dad in a positive manner to the children? Mom always stated she wanted Dad to be part of kid’s lives – unlike Omer who is on record as demanding and getting Mom cut out of kid’s lives. You acknowledge that Mom brought kids to visitation but Omer refused orders of court appointed therapists to let Mom see the kids. Mom is on record as suggesting Dad move to US so he can be part of kids lives (Omer refused). Mom was praised in 5 reports for encouraging kids to interact with Dad. Which parent demanded sole custody? So, who is the parental alienator here? Who is the one who refused to co-parent? Please respond.

    • underwatch says:

      The GAL in the YouTube video. She was flying banners over the school rather than ensuring they had lunch with their father. You can’t blame this on the Judge, you have to blame it on the mom. Kids with no respect.

      • Mom did not fly banners over the school. Per the TRANSCRIPTS – Mom URGED the children to go to lunch with Dad – even the Judge acknowledged Mom did that. You are just spewing lies. This case exposes our judicial system is corrupt – child custody is a “kids for cash” racket. And system favors DADS because if dads don’t fight for custody the system doesn’t make $50 BILLION a year. And moms can’t stop dads from suing for custody – in this case SOLE custody.

      • underwatch says:

        If you were in a custody evaluation and you used some of these lines such as “kids for cash” rather than “Divorce Industry” and “judicial system is corrupt” without any evidence, I doubt very many evaluators would take you seriously. There is no proof that any judges or evaluators were bribed in this case. Instead of calling you delusional and having a severe mental health disorder, they would lighten the findings so you can share custody with your former spouse. But if you continued to only sing the “protective parent” / “family court critic” song in an almost “cult like manner”, then one might decide that the children would be better of with your former spouse as long as he wasn’t in prison or a mental hospital. What does it take to be a “good enough” parent these days, the bar is fairly low and you might meet that standard.

        With protective parents kidnapping children, you might also find yourself with supervised visitation and blocks on your children’s U.S. Passport.

    • underwatch says:

      Hadassah, it is informative to hear the protective parent side of these cases. But if you don’t decide it’s time to move on, we might have to block your IP from posting. In 20 years, we have only done that a few times. It is time for everyone to show some compassion and let the T Family have some privacy and move forward with their lives. And let’s clean the Internet of any documents about the children and the divorce.

    • underwatch says:

      So where’s the proof the the parental alienation?

      See today’s article in the Detroit Free Press

  13. Block me from posting – because the FACTS are on my side. Clean the internet of documents – lets cover up how this case EXPOSED corrupt judge and her corrupt henchmen breaking laws – persecuting abuse victims to give substantiated abuser custody, cut out mom, jail kids – whatever the abuser asked for he got. Expose how Parental Alienation is used to accuse Moms of alienation with ZERO evidence while ignoring Dad’s long list of proven abuse against the children. And I made screen shots of this page because I know you will remove my comments. You don’t welcome comments from anti-corruption activists if they beat you in a debate.

  14. Ha, ha, ha. 130 lawyers support a law-breaking job who committed kidnapping and jailed innocent kids where one child was assaulted. Nothing surprising – that is how lawyers win their cases – not with LAW but with sucking up to Dictator Law Breaking Judges. Even judges who were CONVICTED of taking bribes had hundreds of lawyers supporting them. Why do you think lawyers are the most despised profession? – even more despised then politicians!

  15. Of course I would never say “kids for cash” and “corrupt” in court. But I still have freedom of speech and the outrageous law-breaking by a judge on behalf of a man who abandoned, abused and jailed his children reeks of corruption. Oh, and dad’s lawyer is good pal of Judge G.

  16. underwatch says:

    It may also be interpreted as ignorance.

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