Angie Vu Extradited to France after 7 Months in Jail

Angie Vu

Angie Vu Extradited to France

On June 23, 2016, a U.S. Federal Judge ordered that Angie Vu be extradited to Paris, France after allegedly kidnapping her child.

DJ and Model Angie Vu did what Kelly Rutherford, Guy Ritchie, Dorothy Lee Barnett, Michelle Wolferts and Sandra Rucki did. She violated the Custody Order of a judge and engaged in a Family Abduction. For Angie Vu, the violation of the Family Law Judge’s Custody Order in France came with a severe penalty, France has demanded Angie Vu be extradited to face charges.

Like many protective moms, Angie Vu decided to stay in jail and fight extradition like Dorothy Lee Barnett did. But Barnett kidnapped her child for almost 20 years. For Vu, it was only several months although Vu had alleged planned to send her child to live in Vietnam, a Non-Hague Country.

Unfortunately for Angie Vu, France has a long history of ignoring International Custody Orders and it is only recently in Neighboring Country Monaco in the Kelly Rutherford Case that the court was cooperative in an International Custody Case. There are cases of French Nationals that have violated a United States Custody Order and fled with their dual-citizenship child. In those cases, the French National was allowed to stay in her country.

So in the case of Angie Vu, this celebrity will likely be prosecuted by the French Courts and will unlikely receive the leniency that Dorothy Lee Barnett did in South Carolina. It’s likely Angie Vu will have supervised visitation with her child until she turns eighteen.

We’ll see if the French Courts are able to work this case back to coparenting or joint custody which seems to be the new goal in these cases. It seems like protective mom Angie Vu has been use to getting anything she wants with her celebrity status. Apparently, that didn’t work for her this time.

Source: (06-23-2016)


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