U.S. Marshal Raids Have Success in Capturing Parental Kidnappers

In both the Sandra Rucki and Chelsea Cullen Cases, the U.S. Marshal raids on probably third party conspirators have proved to be instrumental in recovering parentally kidnapped children.

In the Chelsea Cullen Case, the mom surrendered only one month after the U.S. Marshal raided the parents’ home in nearby Alabama. The District Attorney Danny Porter told the media that they were able to seize electronic devices that helped track Chelsea Cullen’s movements. It is likely that Chelsea Cullen surrendered to prevent charges against her mother and step father.

In the Sandra Rucki Case, after the police raided the home of Dede Evavold, they recovered information that led to the teenage girls’ hidden location.

In past decades, the because these cases involve alleged co-conspirators in other states, the District Attorneys’ have been reticent to involve the assistance of the U.S. Marshals’ Office or other outside law enforcement in different jurisdictions. As evidenced by these cases, this involvement has led to gathering of key evidence as well as the swift and efficient recovery of these children.

Editor’s Note: In the past decades, it has been almost impossible to get law enforcement to raid the homes of the probable co-conspirators. As one research study indicated, in 75% of the cases, the family members know of the location of the parental kidnapper. The success of these raids could have a direct impact on deterring this crime. The families of the parental kidnapper have rarely come forward in these cases and now there is finally a reason to do so.


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