The Judicial Tenure Commission Hearings are Completed

The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission Hearings brought forward by Paul Fisher and Margaret Rynier against Judge Lisa Gorcyca are now completed. The ruling will be made in 21 days by Judge Dan Ryan. There were 2 days of detailed witness testimony with video allowed in the court room, live streaming to a website and numerous posts on social media despite the GAL and children’s attorney in the civil case request to keep the children’s names out of the media since the custody case is still pending. Here are some conclusions:

  • Paul Fisher and Margaret Rynier of the Judicial Tenure Commission should have found a way to close these hearing to the public or at the very least stopped the public from video taping or live streaming the hearing. These children are going to school in the local community and additional steps should have been taken to protect the family and children’s privacy.
  • The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission should not be used as another forum for litigants like the Mother who after using 17 attorneys received numerous proclaimed unfavorable rulings or verdicts. Nevertheless the door has been officially open to report Judges to these judicial conduct review boards.
  • It is horrific how disrespectful the minors in the case have been toward the professionals involved. And their treatment of their father by turning their back to them, locking their arms together and looking down on the ground is outrageous. After hearing of this, how can any parent and especially the mother in this case condone such behavior?
  • One of the Family Law issues that was been brought forth in this case is when a Family Law Judge issues a custody order, are the children too responsible for following that order? And can those child be held responsible for the civil contempt of that order? We never found the answer to that in the Madonna/Ritchie case. The son eventually agreed and is now adhering to the custody schedule. That said, the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission is certainly not the venue for deciding this.
  • It seems like this case is more political than the professional conduct and ensuring the law is being followed by the Family Law Judge in this case. This became apparent when Margaret Rynier tried to inject religion into her cross-examination as well as the travel schedule of the father. It was wrong for the Judicial Tenure Commission attorneys to try and interview the children to afford them a basis for testifying for them (which the mom and her attorney Lisa Stern most likely wanted). The professional conduct of Rynier and Fisher certainly should be further investigated.
  • The mother and her supporters in this case have to find a way to compromise their position and show compassion for the remarried father in this case for the benefit of these children. There needs to be coparenting in this case and everyone needs to follow all court orders.

The Judge in this case will be challenged to follow the law and do the right thing and clear Judge Lisa Gorcyca in this case. With social media, video and the global media, it is just too easy for disgruntled litigants to create additional forums for their cases. The Judge should act swiftly and decisively to not give those Judicial System Critics any additional forums for their cause.

The  Family Law Judge in this case is now tasked with trying to create a miracle and put this family unit back together. These family members will need to find a way to tolerate each other. This would include graduations, colleges and holidays. This is a lifetime of future opportunities for these children.


2 Responses to The Judicial Tenure Commission Hearings are Completed

  1. underwatch says:

    “After Judge ILLEGALLY kidnapped the children from Mom.” — In two decades of following these cases, you have the same responses a number of the protective parent network supporters. It’s as if you are a clone of these other individuals. You argue the case in a similar manner and disregard the certain facts. Your statement above is similar to the kids for cash. This illogical rhetoric flows out as if it is fueled by an overdose of medications. The case is settled so you need to move along. You have the inability to understand as these kids get older they will not want to be associated with their parents horrible divorce and their acts of cilvil disobedience and disrespect for others. I challenge you to show your posts to your therapist.

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