Oakland County Lawyers Back Judge Lisa Gorcyca

Judge Lisa Gorcyca is set to go before a Judicial Tenure Commission hearing on Tuesday, May 31, 2016 in the 35th District Court in Plymouth, Michigan regarding her actions int he Tsimhoni family custody case. More than 175 lawyers and counting who work in family law have signed a letter in support for Judge Gorcyca.

Prior to becoming a judge, Judge Gorcyca worked in the District Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor 16 years primarily working with Domestic and Elder Abuse cases.

The prosecution of Judge Gorcyca is by Paul Fisher, the controversial executive director of the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission and Margaret Rynier. Former Wayne Circuit Judge Daniel Ryan is presiding over the Gorcyca hearing.


Lawyers back Oakland circuit judge as hearing to start by Mike Martindale, The Detroit News, May 30, 2106.

Editor’s Note: It is unbelievable that in Michigan a Judicial Complaint is heard publicly for an open Family Law custody case. It is even more unbelievable that the Michigan Tenure Commission is allowing the hearing to be video taped in an ongoing custody case involving minors. If this were allowed in all states, then Family Law litigants that are not pleased with the results of their custody case and want another forum should file a complaint  against their Family Court Judge.

This complaint sounds like it is very political and with the media involved it gives the lawyers in the Michigan Tenure Commission an opportunity to grandstand or promote their professional reputations.

There is already a video that is posted on YouTube for part of this this hearing.


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