Australia has one of the highest per capita rates of parental kidnapping

Travellers Begin To Return Home After Flight Restrictions Are LiftedThe recent case of Brisbane Australia mum Sally Faulkner and the botched operation to recover her two young children from their father in Lebanon has renewed attention on the issue of international parental abduction.

Australia has one of the highest per capita rates in the world of parents unlawfully kidnapping their children and fleeing with them overseas, and in the last financial year alone, there were 114 ongoing Australian applications of child abduction to Hague Convention signatories.

In the event a child is taken to a country that is a member of the Hague Convention, steps can be taken via the international agreement to mediate custody battles. However, a legal resolution becomes infinitely more difficult if this is not the case like in countries as such India, China and Lebanon.

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Six famous cases of parental abduction in Australia by Bianca Soldani 30 May 2016

Editor’s Note: In the aftermath of the media coverage given to American Mother and convicted parental kidnapper Dorothy Lee Barnett, it appears that the Australian Media is finally giving needed coverage to other International Family Abduction cases in Australia.


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