Not Interested in Coparenting

These protective moms below believe their Family Law Court Cases are so much different than the others, even celebrities Kelly Rutherford and Madonna. After their divorce from their former spouse, they did or are doing everything to never coparent with their ex again. Even as parents to adult children who are over eighteen, they will do anything to keep their adult children away from their former spouse. Again, we have to ask the question, are their cases really that much different than those of celebrities whom get divorced or the hundreds of thousands of parents sharing custody of their children today?


3 Responses to Not Interested in Coparenting

  1. Margo/Mom says:

    One small bright ray of hope in the Michigan case. The judge has ordered the parents to mediation–with a completion date set prior to the custody hearing. My read is that either the father, or the judge, is willing to have a go at keeping this case from being any more of a public circus–for the sake of the children.

    • underwatch says:

      This would be a positive outcome if the case could be settled without a trial. I have seen this outcome after a child is kidnapped by one of the parents. As you said, it is a “small bright ray of hope”. These teenagers have two successful and career oriented parents. It is time for everyone to more forward with their lives for the benefit of the children.

  2. Dara Llorens isn’t interested in co parenting either.

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