Madonna Finds Way to Reconcile with Son & Former Spouse


In this age of co-parenting and joint custody, with other not so famous families quarreling over custody (Tsimhoni, Wolferts, Rucki) it’s great to see Madonna find a way to compromise and work toward sharing custody with her former spouse. While we still think that her former spouse may have participated in a Teenager Family Abduction, Madonna has taken the high road and most importantly respected the Family Courts involved.

Could it be that the Family Court System does work and it only doesn’t work if parents are not cooperative and don’t show respect for court orders?



4 Responses to Madonna Finds Way to Reconcile with Son & Former Spouse

  1. Adela says:

    I don’t think so. They settled because they decided to concede on certain areas, and reach an agreement outside of court (great for them!). Forcing the kid through a court order to move back implying police and who knows what would have been disastrous (despite the courts being rightfully on her side). When parents agree on something, courts are not even necessary, so it is pointless to say that “they work”.
    Truth is, there are several of them in highly populated cities that are trying hard to adapt to recent times and doing a decent job, while most in smaller places are the total opposite. But as long as there is money involved and a huge offer of family lawyers in line, as long as child support keeps being an issue and as long as we have narcissistic fathers and borderline mothers, the family court system will keep being a disaster.

    • underwatch says:

      Adela, if they force parents to compromise for the best interests of their children then it’s a step in the right direction. But the Family Court just like our judicial system can’t create miracles when you have at least one uncompromising and unreasonable party. If you have two, then as you said, that’s a disaster. I do like it when celebrities are able to work through these issues. At the very least, it may make a parent stop and think why their custody dispute is so much different than the rest of World.

      • Adela says:

        Yes, but it was a NYC court, as I say, courts in bigger cities are evolving faster than their midsize counterparts. I’m very happy for this case too, hope it works out well (wanted to strangle Ritchie more than once)

  2. I also aplaud both Maddonna and Guy for acting in her son’s best interest. Not a lot of parents would act in their children’s best interests and thus screwing up their kids more than need be.
    I always thought that both parties involved in a custodial disputes need to put their feelings about the other spouse behind them and think about what’s in their child’s best interests.

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