The Poster Child for the Protective Parent Movement

Damon Moelter

Damon Moelter – Poster Child

Move aside Jennifer Collins, Brittany Wolferts and Samantha Geldenhuys the current poster child of the Protective Parent Network / Family Court Critics Movement is Damon Moelter. Damon is the son of Safe Kids International Founder Cindy Dumas who lost custody of her children. Damon will make his National Television debut tonight on 20/20 where he will claim there are thousands of protective parent moms like his mother.

For the real truth of Damon’s story, you should visit to see his father and step mother’s version of the story. Then you might even listen to the Voice Mails of his mother and protective parent Cindy Dumas on that site. Dumas appears to be a very bitter, scorned and vengeful protective mom that continues to harass her former spouse who has since remarried. Ms. Dumas even attacks her son’s step mother who is a very successful corporate executive.

It’s truly sad to see an adult-child used in this manner. It’s possible he might have Stockholm Syndrome like some of the other parentally kidnapped children but tonight American will see what this adult poster child is all about. There were many children like him that changed their name or told their parents like Madonna and Guy Ritche’s son to just give them their privacy. But Damon has his mother’s DNA and appears to think tonight’s performance will make him a TV sensation rather than just a glorified version of character that could also have been on the Jerry Springer show.



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