Parental Abductor Dara Llorens Gets 6 Years in Prison


Dara Llorens – Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison

Austin Texas protective parent Dara Llorens was sentenced to 6 Years in Prison in the 2002 kidnapping for her daughter. Dara Llorens, 46 was sentenced to two years for the charge of interference with child custody and six years for aggravated kidnapping. Both charges to be served concurrently. She could have been sentenced to 10 years in prison.


Dara Llorens sentenced to 6 years for kidnapping daughter by Andy Jechow, KXAN

Editor’s Note:

This was a 12-year kidnapping and Dara Llorens and her punishment was far less than the 12 years she kidnapped her daughter. Although Llorens did plead guilty and spared the public the expense of a jury trial although she did raise the “necessity defense” at her sentencing hearing. We would like to see new legislation to make the penalties harsher for long-term family abductions. The punishment should fit the crime and the horrible nature of these crime and the impact on these children.


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