Breaking: Gina & Doug Dahlen Prosecution Update

Gina Dahlen

Gina Dahlen (Photo: Facebook)

The Star Tribune is reporting that Gina and Scott Dahlen, who are charged with felony deprivation of parental rights are claiming that they made no effort to hide the Rucki girls.

What the Gina and Scott Dahlen do not admit to is knowing that they knew that law enforcement was searching for the girls. That they knew a nationwide campaign was in place to find the girls that included the girls’ photos on grocery bags.


Rucki Girls Photos on the Cashwise Grocery Bags

They are admitting that the girls’ mother Sandra Rucki and Dede Evavold dropped the girls off at their ranch. Dede Evavold has also be charged with felony deprivation of parental rights as a third party conspirator.

Dede Evavold

Gina Dahlen (Photo: Facebook)

The Dahlens claim that the girls had full access to computers and cellphones.

David Rucki, the custodial father of both 16 and 17 year-old girls now has the girls back in school. He says the Dahlens tried to “instill a racist, very judgmental” belief system in the girls.

Editor’s Note: 

  • The successful prosecution of the Dahlens and Dede Evavold by Dakota County in Minnesota would be a giant step forward for future Family Abduction cases not only in Minnesota but the United States. This would go a long ways toward deterring other from helping parental abductors.
  • The last significant prosecution of a third party conspirator was Faye Yager in 1992 by the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office in Georgia.
  • I cannot believe that the Rucki girls were allowed to use the computers on White Horse Ranch and did not type their names in to Google to see the search results. I also do not believe if they were allowed to use their computer that they didn’t even check their Facebook account. I do not believe the Dahlens that they trusted these teenagers to this degree.
  • We have not in the past heard much about the belief system of the “Family Court Critics” or “Protective Parent Movement”. This is one of the first times we have heard information about the tenets of these groups. At some point, some recovering parents have thought these groups to be almost “cult-like” in their belief system.
  • We applaud Cashwise for allowing the photos of the missing Rucki girls to be put on their shopping bags. The families of Missing Children need more programs like this.


Star Tribune  by Brandon Stahl (03-09-2016)


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