Convicted Parental Kidnapper Released from Jail


Genevieve Kelley – Photo: NH1 file photo

Genevieve Kelley, was released from jail on February 17, 2016. She plead guilty in June to custodial interference for kidnapping her child to Honduras. The District Attorney in New Hampshire dropped the Felony custodial interference and witness tampering charges. The former doctor was not charged with any Federal Crimes.

Kelley’s second husband also plead guilty to custodial interference and served jail time. There were no other third parties charged with aiding and abetting in this crime.

Editor’s Note:

To this date, the kidnapped child who is now an adult has not yet been reunified with her searching family. I believe that doctors should be held to a higher standard and Genevieve Kelley should have been sentenced to prison for a much longer period. The District Attorney in New Hampshire may have saved the taxpayers the expense of a trial but in our opinion, should have done more. This outcome does not acknowledge the emotional trauma and abuse inflicted on parentally kidnapped children. It is an insult to the Family Abduction Community and the plight of searching parents. It wrongfully encourages protective moms to kidnap their child until they turn eighteen. The fact that the Kelleys have still not encouraged a reunification should invalidate the plea agreement. Genevieve and Scott Kelley are essentially still kidnapping this now adult child who most likely has Stockholm Syndrome. I don’t believe there has been a recent independent psychiatric evaluation of the victim adult child since she was found. In this case, the New Hampshire criminal legal system did not serve justice for any of the victims. With upcoming potential trials in Minnesota, Texas, New York, California and Utah — I hope those states do a better job.


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