Newsweek Story on the Faye Ku Boys Reunification with Custodial Family

Writer Max Kutner of Newsweek has delivered another Family Abduction story on the recovery and more importantly the reunification of the boys that Faye Ku kidnapped to Mexico. The boys were found in a rented house in Mazatlan, Mexico. The house may not have had hot water. The boys were being taught both Chinese and Spanish.


When Faye Ku fled, she left the boys’ electronic devices. She typed letters that instructed a friend to get rid of Ku’s belongings and told Cook, her ex-husband, “The children and I are safe among friends. Please do not send strangers who can only make life more dangerous for us.”

Law enforcement first learned of Ku’s location on February 7, 2016. The custodial family flew to Mexico on February 11th and flew back to the United States on February 12th with the boys. A FBI Victim Specialist accompanied the family on the plane.

Kutner’s story is one of the first to provide an insight into the emotional victimization inflicted on the kidnapped boys. If Faye Ku gave the boys an explanation as to why they could not see their father is unknown at this time.

Marsha Gilmer-Tullis, executive director of the Family Advocacy Division at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children raises the issue of “divided loyalties”.

Meanwhile, Faye Ku supporters are asking for compassion. Activist Cindy Dumas who most likely considers herself today’s digital version of Faye Yager is claiming that Ku faces life in prison. (18 U.S. Code § 1204 – International parental kidnapping would be 3 years in prison for each child or 9 years. We will see if possibly Dumas is correct and there will be other Federal and State Charges for other crimes committed.)

[Read the Full Newsweek Article]

Editor’s Note:

  • Another great story by Max Kutner of Newsweek taking the lead in these series of Family Abduction stories.
  • Whatever Faye Ku told her boys while they were in hiding will most likely never be disclosed since it is part of these minor boys therapy. If it is disclosed, it might be during the criminal trial if Ku takes the witness stand or if experts testify as to the emotional abuse inflicted on kids. In any regard, whether it’s parental alienation, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and these kidnapping victims have Stockholm Syndrome, that’s what makes parental kidnapping a horrific crime against a child.
  • As we have seen in other cases, reunified children will re-adapt very quickly to their former lives with the custodial parent.
  • It’s great to see the FBI had a Victim Specialist in Mexico to assist with the reunification.
  • After the Reunification, there are so few resources available to Recovering Parents and their Families.
  • The Recovering Family was very fortunate to have the cooperation of many law enforcement resources. That said, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) or the FBI does not normally find your child when they go missing. More resources are needed in this area.
  • We would like to see the media remove photos of the victim children in these cases from their websites or at the very least blur out their faces.
  • In our opinion, as we have seen in the most recent very tragic Cyberstalking landmark case, most parental kidnappers and their supporters will not give up their cause — even after a prison sentence. After reading Ku’s letter to her former spouse that almost sounds like a possible threat, the only way to protect this family is to incarcerate Faye Ku for the longest possible sentence.
  • We continue to be concerned of the activities of Safe Kids International and other Family Court Critic/Protective Parent Movement Activists. We hope that law enforcement will monitor their activities.



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