Breaking: Nurse Amy Gonzalez Sentenced to Life in Prison in Cyberstalking Resulting in Death Case

Amy Gonzalez

Amy Gonzalez – A Nurse Sentenced to Life in Prison

Amy Gonzalez, a registered Nurse in Texas was sentenced to Life in Prison for her role in the Cyberstalking Resulting in Death Case. Gonzalez was considered the master mind in the cyberstalking of her former sister-in-law. The family engaged in harassing conduct that included unrelenting internet posts, emails and false allegations. Gonzalez was also considered a third party conspirator in the International Family Case and prosecutors say she wired $50,000 to her brother and mother while they were on the lam in Central America with the three girls.

Editor’s Note: This is landmark decision that might have a significant impact on any groups that may be cyberstalking or harassing others in these protective parent cases. Life in Prison might be the most severe sentence ever given to third party co-conspirators in an International Family Abduction Case with related charges. WOW!


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