Breaking: Recovering Family Makes Statement in Faye Ku Family Abduction Case

“David and I are ecstatic to announce that Sage and Isaac have been found safe and are home in Bellevue tonight. We are so grateful to the FBI in Seattle and in Mexico for all they did to make this happen. And to all the wonderful people who kept us going for the last five months by supporting us through this page and in many other ways. Thank you all.” – Recovering Family



Editor’s Note:

There is not much precedence for this in this new social media era. But now that these boys are recovered, it is time for the media to remove these boys photos from the Internet or at the very least blur out their faces. These boys will want to return to their schools and certainly do not want the faces plastered over the Internet.

In Australia, it is illegal for the print and online media to show photos of any children involved in a child custody case.


3 Responses to Breaking: Recovering Family Makes Statement in Faye Ku Family Abduction Case

  1. Mary says:

    Dear Underwatch,
    To start, your website is very informative. Over the years I have learned a lot about underground movements. Therefore, I am very interested in your view on some questions below. Although, I still believe that it could happen that a parent has no other option than to flee with her or his child, I do not think that it is as often the case as being told in the media and by those underground supporters. I have followed many child abduction cases worldwide and almost all of them could be prevented by parents going to court (e.g. asking permission for relocation or addressing their concerns). I do not believe that all legal systems are corrupt, that all left-behind parents do not care about their children, that all left-behind parents are abusers… Nevertheless, there are a few developments in this area, in my opinion, which are changing the view on underground movements.
    First, concerning Australia, it is true that not all parental abducted children are published, yet in some cases (when it concerns Family Court Matters) the picture of the missing child will indeed be circulated (see the website of the Australian Federal Police where you can see pictures of children abducted from Australia: On at least one case shown on that website, I am of the opinion that the children could be taken underground. My question is if you would also inform the general public of underground movements in e.g. Australia and Europe. I know your central focus is underground movements in the United States, yet with this global age and area, there sure would be interaction amongst them. Or otherwise, maybe you could link to sites also dedicated to this subject?
    Second, although almost all cases on your site concern mothers who abduct their children and are going underground with them, are you of the opinion that in the near future also more fathers will be able to go underground with their child? I believe this could be (or maybe is already) the case, since I have noticed that the view of the general public is changing in cases in which the father is the abductor. In other words, it does not matter anymore if the abductor of the child is the mother or the father since the general public often takes the view that no parent would otherwise take such drastic matters than only to save a child from domestic violence. Moreover, in 1996 a movie about this subject was released. It was called “Abducted: A father’s love” or also known as a “Fugitive from Justice: Underground father”. Although the movie was entertaining, a father saving a child from domestic abuse instead of the mother, it seems that international parental abduction only concerns these kinds of situations (besides abductions to Islamic countries).
    Third, have you heard of the Matusiewicz cyberstalking trial? In your opinion, does the outcome of this trail have any legal influence on child abduction cases and the media?
    Thank you very much for bringing the underground movement to the attention of the general public. I always refer to your site to educate people about this topic (at least to inform them). Keep up the good work!
    Thank you for your reply in advance.

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Mary,

      1. Thanks for the post from Australia. We will certainly put up a link on our site to the Australia Missing Persons site.

      2. If you tell us what case you think might be an underground case, we will post that on our site.

      3. We will certainly look into posting any information on any underground groups in Australia and Europe. There were a number of cases in Europe including Belgium, France, UK, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Albania.

      4. We have recently expanded our focus to include Family Abduction Cases, Teenager Family Abduction Cases, High Conflict Divorce Cases and International Custody Cases.

      5. We actually think that celebrity Guy Ritchie is alleged to be the abductor in an International Family Abduction of his son. That would make Madonna the left-behind parent.

      6. I recollect seeing the 1996 movie: “Abducted: A father’s love”. I personally didn’t think it was very realistic. I do think that the Domestic Violence Shelters need to work with the local District Attorneys Office to keep track of the women and children in the shelters. You can’t have federally funded shelters hiding women from other states that are violating custody orders.

      7. The Matusiewicz cyberstalking trial. Bombshell, I can’t believe we missed this. I see the grandmother Lenore just got life in prison for the cyberstalking crime. I didn’t realize that the Federal jury found that the family members including son David, daughter Amy and wife Lenore — were all culpable for the deaths of David’s ex-wife Christine Belford and her friend Laura Mulford. And this started with David, a former optometrist kidnapping his child daughters to Central America. And the family members engaged in stalking Bedlford, monitoring her whereabouts and accusing her of child abuse through unrelenting Internet posts, emails and phone calls. You bet, I believe this should change the amount of online harassment in these cases.

      Mary, thank you very much for providing this information to us.

      The Editor

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