Breaking: Newsweek Story on Movement To Keep Kids Missing

Faye Ku, Parental Kidnapper with Sons Isaac and Sage - Missing Since August 2015

Faye Ku, Parental Kidnapper with Sons Isaac and Sage – Missing Since August 2015

Newsweek Reporter Max Kutner has published another global story on the Family Court Critics / Protective Parent Movement. Faye Ku of Los Angeles, California a non-custodial mother that was born in Taiwan, kidnapped her three of her boys and is believed to be underground and allegedly assisted by supporters of these groups. Two of the boys are from a father in Seattle and the other in Los Angeles. Faye Ku is believed to be either in Taiwan or somewhere in the United States.

The article contains interviews from some of the most recognized names in the protective parent movement:

  • Faye Yager, is founder of The Children of the Underground and claims to no longer be in retirement.
  • Amy Neustein, the controversial and outspoken protective parent movement support. (Neustein lost custody of her daughter many years ago and is now estranged from the successful Washington Attorney.)
  • Cindy Dumas of Safe Kids International. The controversial activists / Family Court Critic wrote on her organizations Facebook page to “don’t turn this mom in”. (Dumas is estranged from some of her sons.)
  •  Dede Evavold is currently awaiting trial as a co-conspirator in the Sandra Rucki Teenager Family Abduction.

Here’s a link to read the entire story: [Read More]

Editor’s Note: Sage Cook is 15 years old. Faye Ku is a U.C. Berkeley graduate. How was she able to kidnap her 15-year old son Sage without emotionally abusing him and holding him hostage. How could this 15 year old not have access to the Internet or a cell phone in this digital era to call his father.

With Newsweeks Global Circulation and Online Media, we are hopeful that this global story will bring these boys homes to their custodial families. We applaud Newsweek for publishing this story. We urge Victim Families to keep hope alive that they will soon be reunified with these children.




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