Reunification for Wolferts Sisters Grandparents

In Family Abduction Cases, the is an incorrect belief that the only victim is the searching parent. But in the Wolferts Sisters Teenager Family Abduction by arrested parental kidnapper Michelle Wolferts, the both grandparents are also victims of this horrible and heinous crime against a child. They were deprived of a relationship with their grandchildren.

There are reports that the father’s parents have had visitation with the Wolfert’s Sisters. That is a situation where the Juvenile Court is doing the right thing. These grandparents should see their grandchildren and may help to de-escalate this horrible situation.

Meanwhile, I see that Michelle Wolfert’s Supporters/Groupies are posting that the grandparents are using “alienation tactics” against Michelle. In addition, in social media you see some really horrible names assigned to the custodial father that more than likely will be evidence used in a future lawsuit against the Facebook Page Owner or author of that content.

I would like to see some Reunification Therapists and some Attorneys step up and assist the father and the father’s parents in this case.  The father has no doubt gone through thousands of dollars like most searching parents do.

The Brian E. Wolferts Legal Trust

In my opinion, Michelle Wolferts is a desperate protective mom that will go to any extreme, even illegal ones to write her ex-husband out of her children’s lives. There are not many parents that would fake a kidnapping that would waste thousands of dollars of law enforcement resources. Her act of civil disobedience needs to be punished. But as we have seen in other cases, now is the time for Reunification Therapy between this remarried father and his daughters. As we have seen in the other cases, the motive in this cases is anger and revenge, not love for the children.


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