Did Guy Ritchie Kidnap Madonna’s Son?

Madonna Guy Ritchie International Custody

The latest according to US Weekly is that Madonna thinks Guy Ritchie is trying to brainwash Rocco. In this International Custody Dispute, we think Madonna is correct. We also think Guy Ritchie is engaging in a Teenager Family Abduction by keeping his son in the UK.

Guy Richie’s position is that the teenager ran away from home which was Madonna’s International Rebel Heart Tour. But as coparents, what is Guy Ritchie’s responsibility in getting his son Rocco on the plane to abide by their New York Court Ordered Custody Agreement.

If Rocco wanted to live with his father, then his dad should have gone to court in New York City asking the court for the custody change. There is certainly a change in circumstances that might warrant the change. Instead, Guy is giving his son shelter, his son now has an attorney and he is keeping him in the UK. This sounds like an International Family Abduction which is not that much different than the crime Kelly Rutherford we believe committed.

There is a process for changing a court ordered custody agreement. We don’t think Guy Ritchie is playing by the rules. At 15 years old, Rocco may not know what’s best for him but even if he does, he should abide by the court order.

As a celebrities, we do believe both Guy and Madonna should be held to a higher standard like professional athletes that we have seen in the news. International Family Abduction is a serious crime so we hope that Guy can reach a peaceful resolution with Madonna.


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