Do the Wolferts Sisters Have Stockholm Syndrome?

“Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.”

After a Family Abduction recovery, parental kidnapping victims usually go to reunification therapy with their custodial parent as recommended by the Department of Justice. In these cases the arrested parental kidnapper will use news and social media as a new forum to deprive her former spouse of his custodial rights. Since the protective mom will most likely claim the “Necessity Defense” as her criminal defense, the desperate defendant will levy ever single possible allegation against her former spouse. She will also claim that the United States Court System and Criminal Justice System were unable to deliver her desired results. As part of this defense, she will also need to prove that she exhausted all her legal remedies before fleeing and her belief to protect her children were reasonable.

To protect her teenage children from testifying against her, she will also do everything to ensure independent professional therapists are not allowed to evaluate the children. So in the Wolferts Sisters case, the mother had months in which she held her teenage daughters hostage. The daughters were no doubt not allowed to attend school like most teenagers and were kept off social media and the Internet. In these cases, many would say it is likely the daughters have Stockholm Syndrome in being loyal to their mother, the accused kidnapper.

The Wolferts Sisters may also have been kept underground in hiding with their promise to make them Kardashian or Jerry Springer Celebs on the Internet or TV Talk Show Circuit. Their lone appearance was on Dr. Phil in a video. Unfortunately, as we have seen in other Parental Kidnapping Cases, Hollywood is really not interested in the divorce/custody shows. The TV Talk Shows are not interested in these parental kidnapping or custody battle stories. Besides, these protective moms never make good reality TV stars with their narcissist borderline pathogenic parenting. So now the Wolferts Sisters will need to decide how they move forward with their lives. It certainly doesn’t sound like the TV Talk Show Circuit is their next stop. Their older sister got married at a young age just like her mother.  Will they follow in that path too or is now the time to be thinking about College.



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