Brittany Wolferts -Should She Also Be Charged?

In these Family Abduction Cases, it is unlikely that other Family Members did not know where the location of the Abductor and the kids. In the Teenager Family Abduction by Michelle Wolferts, we have a very difficult time believing that Brittany Wolferts did not aid and abet in this crime. She had to of known where her sisters and mother were or at the very least who or whom knew.

In this era of Social Media where the supporters of the parental kidnapper post custody and confidential health records online, it is surprising that there haven’t been any lawsuits yet. In 2006, a licensed practical nurse pled guilty for wrongfully disclosing a patient’s health information for person gain. That crime carried a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment and a $250K fine.

In the case of the young adult Brittany Wolfert’s blog, you can see documents uploaded that appear to be the release of confidential personal health records of her father. She may be thinking she is helping her sisters but her possible there may be unfortunate consequences to her actions.

Brittany also appeared on the Dr. Phil Show. In past years many of the protective parent movement moms and their supports have appeared on TV Talk Shows. But in the age of reality TV, I am uncertain if her story sounds more like one from the Jerry Springer Show rather than the Kardashians. It is unfortunate that many of these young adult women that are impacted by these Teenage Family Abductions may desire to be the next Kardashians but to some of us, it sounds more like the Springer Show. You can see a link to Brittany’s appearance on the Dr. Phil Show below and another interview.

A Family Abduction or Teenager Family Abduction is one of the most horrific crimes against a child. It is one of the most severe forms of Domestic or Family Violence. Michelle Wolferts did not exhaust her legal remedies before she became the Judge, Jury and Executioner in determining custody of her daughters. It has been apparent that after having three children with her former spouse after marrying him in her very early twenties — she has since been trying to write her remarried former spouse and his new wife out of her children’s lives. Despite what her supporters or groupies want to believe or post to social media, Michelle Wolferts is the Alleged or Documented Abuser in this Case. In her groupies words, she may also be the Admitted Abuser.

Finally, it sounds like Brittany Wolferts has certainly been supporting her mother in this Teenager Family Abduction. Once law enforcement takes the time to review her cell phone records and emails, the local district attorney will need to decide if she too should be charged. That said, with some of the personal health information she has been posting, she may have far more civil and criminal exposure in that area. I would urge Brittany Wolferts to have her attorneys review her information on her blog and find a way to de-escalate the situation with her father and step mother “for the best interests of her sisters”.


19 Responses to Brittany Wolferts -Should She Also Be Charged?

  1. Alison says:

    First paragraph. Am I wrong to think it should be saying you’d be surprised if she DID NOT aid and abet instead of it current reading “did.”

  2. mom says:

    I agree that multiple protected documents were released via Britany. I also saw that Dr. Randy Hyde was interviewed and Family Watch wants to accuse him of releasing confidential mental health information pertaining to the two girls. Dr. Hyde in no way identified mental health diagnosis of any of the girls other than to give a personal opinion that they are scared – being scared is not sharing of psychological information. Sharing the fact that a psychosexual was recommended, completed and then posted by someone other than the person who is the subject of the evaluation should carry legal ramifications. I don’t care if it was his daughter, his wife, his ex-wife, or his tooth fairy. This forum cannot have it both ways.

  3. julie says:

    Wow! This is absolutely obsurd! Put those exposing the truth about daddy dearest behind bars. Silencing the victims of abuse is NEVER THE ANSWER!

  4. julie says:

    Someone PLEASE just make this nightmare of a father disappear. The man is a disgusting sexual deviant and needs to relinquish control over his victims.

    • underwatch says:

      Julie, if your husband, son, grandson or loved one were the target of ignorant comments like yours, you might feel differently. I noticed that you carefully chose the words sexual deviant rather than other terms used by Michelle and Brittany Wolferts supporters. You probably believe that father’s parental rights should be terminated. Well we believe after a fake kidnapping that Michelle Wolferts should have her parental rights terminated if she can’t coparent. I think you would want the same thing if your child was kidnapped. Michelle had so many legal alternatives and resources she could have exhausted before she kidnapped her kids.

      • karen says:

        I agree, underwatch, Michelle Wolfert’s does not have the ability to co-parent, and Julie is ignorant of all the facts evident by her loaded comment.

      • Julie says:

        News flash, I speak strictly from experience! I have been in support of these young ladies since day one as no child should ever be handed over to nor forced to live in the custody of their abuser! I have been in this situation and my own counselor knew I was going up against my husband and abuser who has a criminal conviction for spousal battery and a long history of perpetrating domestic violence against me and our children as he would undoubtedly hire the best lawyer money can buy and a high conflict custody battle would innsue and I having no means to fight it was strongly suggested by my counselor to go underground, to flee with my children. I didn’t but now I wish I had because being rendered helpless and unable to protect my children from their abuser the abuse continued, the abuser views our children as tools he can use, most powerful tool he has to use against me, my children are victims of severe domestic violence by proxy, they’ve tramuma bonded with their abuser, they’ve been completely mentally, emotionally and psychologically abused by their father, they’ve been subjected to a severe denigration and smear campaign against me, lied to, manipulated and brainwashed, taught to hate and abuse me just like their father, my children have been abused and groomed by their father, they have been turned against me and they are the weapons used to beat the hell out of me with. Their father has completely eliminated me from the lives of our children for the last 5+ years, I’ve been completely erased, they have no memory with me included in all those years and today my children don’t acknowledge my existence 365 days a year for 5 long years and the alienating abuse my children have endured is considered most severe and if this behavior is not intervened on within the first year the chance of me ever having any relationship with my children is unlikely. And, I am left to live a life of constant suffering, I am left to morn the loss of all 3 of my children through life as in death, the grieving process is 10 fold, grieving the loss of children who are still here and living in the physical world and living 10 minutes away it’s as close as you can get to living hell on earth and because of their fathers need to gain control over my children in order to maintain control of me, his vile, vindictive vengeance against me, his goal was intentional infliction of emotional distress, he hurt my kids just so he could hurt me, to make me suffer he’s taught my children that it’s okay to abuse, mistreat, disrespect and reject me without a conscience. They’ve been groomed to believe that I deserve to be their target of actions and words that are absolutely heinous, things no parent should ever hear from their child, my children exhibit all signs and level of abuse is considered severely alienated, if this behavior continues beyond the first year without any intervention by the courts the changes of the target parent ever having any relationship with their child/children is unlikely.
        THIS is what happened to me and my children, I am dying without my children in my life while thanks to their father they are used to life without a Mother, they’ve told me I’m dead to them, that I don’t exist.
        So, now that I’ve laid this all out there, you got something else to say to me ? underwatch.

      • Julie says:

        I am far from ignorant! I guarantee you I know more about this case than you do! And, I have seen first hand what men like this do. Men like him are masters at manipulation and they put on a show to build their alliance of enablers. These girls never should have been put in the position to make them feel their only option was to run. A good father would never request more than 50% custody, those who do are not suitable candidates for custody.

      • Julie says:

        I am the perfect example of what happens when you trust a failing family legal system to protect you and your children and an educated and licensed therapist suggests you take your kids and run. I’ve learned ways to cope after the suicide attempt 4 years ago, He will never break me like that again and I will never stop fighting for my children, I will never stop fighting for their right to have a loving relationship with both parents. If I knew then what I know now, I would of taken my kids and fled at warp speed. My youngest was 14, had the right to choose and father violated her civil right and took that away from her, he traumatized her just to make good on his threat to hurt me. No parent deserves to be stripped of their parental rights or their right to parent their child/children. He underestimated my love for my babies, I will never let him have them all to himself, I will keep fighting as I have for over 5 years now. I don’t like putting my stuff out there but to say I’m ignorant and “if ” it were your …… have no right to attack me or anything I say, you have no clue what someone else has or hasn’t been through, you sounded off and attacked the wrong person, lets hope you have a conscience.

    • If you don’t mind me asking Julie what are your qualifications?

  5. Brittany knew where her sisters were and hid the fact that she knew.

  6. Truth says:

    Michelle was not charged with kidnapping. As a parent, I can tell you NO MATTER what my children posted about me online, I would never think to harm them. The fact this blogger would even mention a parent would go after their own child, is interesting. If I felt my children were ever brainwashed from me, I would respond with empathy. I would not allow anyone to harm or speak out against them. That is what a responsible loving parent is. We respond with love when our children are hurting. The fact that Brian has attacked and allowed others to attack their daughter is very telling. Our civil courts are in need of repair. Felons have more rights than parents and children in civil courts. I truly believe Michelle is a survivor of abuse. I can’t imagine what is was like as a wife to endure all his affairs, emotional abuse and gaslighting. I also believe the girls. I would have ran also, if no one listened to me. If my daughter’s were telling me they were being abused and the legal system failed, I would face the consequences of saving them from being harmed any further. Custodial interference would be the least of my worries. Again, a normal loving parent doesn’t go after their child for posting documentation of the truth. This is her story and she is allowed to tell it. If Brain does not like it, he should have written her a better childhood.

    • underwatch says:

      Dear T,

      1. Michelle Wolferts was charged with custodial interference, housing assistance fraud and filing a false report. Custodial Interference is a legal term for a parental kidnapping. In these cases, before the case goes to trial there are often additional charges such as felony aggravated cruelty, fraud and witness tampering.

      In addition when a protective mom goes into hiding, many go on shopping sprees with credit cards they have no intention of paying back. She certainly had no intention of filing an income tax return.

      2. The inflammatory rhetoric and innuendo that and confidential health records that Brittany is posting is horrible. Most adult-children in these cases sadly will say or do anything to support their kidnapper. From reading her posts, it sounds like she is attention seeking and narcissistic like her mother. Although she is a young adult and may not realize that she is acting like some of those characters that go on the Jerry Springer Show.

      3. If Brittany is not a co-conspirator to the kidnapping or custody interference crime, she can also be a victim to the family abduction crime. When her mom went into hiding, she was left to defend her actions when she should have been in college or pursuing her dreams as aspirations.

      4. Brittany will someday have her own children. If her marriage does not work out like her mothers, will she be able to be a coparent and share custody with her former loving husband?

      The District Attorney will be sending Michelle Wolferts to prison for her crimes. The father is not a part of that decision. When the media and TV Talk Shows disappear will Brittany and her minor sisters be able to make peace with their father?

  7. Alex says:

    Are you even reading your own comments? This has nothing to do with you personally, yet you yourself are attacking people who you do not know. Who are you to determine who is telling the truth or not? So far you have called Brittany ” Attention seeking and narcissistic like her mother” not to mention “some of those characters that go on the Jerry Springer show” and lastly “If her marriage does not work out like her mothers?” Really?! These words and this blog just shows that Brian’s supporters are just like him. NO loving, caring, normal father would ever allow these kind of nonsense to be written about his daughter. Not once has Michelle said anything bad about Brian to the news nor online. That right there speaks volumes of her character while Brian’s supporters and Brian himself, match up to the person that documents, doctors and counselors have described him as. Where are the documents to support that Brian is of a sound mind? And where are Brian’s actions in stopping hatred of his daughter? There is none.

    • underwatch says:


      In 20 years of following these cases, Brittany Wolferts Dangerfields’ blog is the most horrifying content I have read. Even after showing appreciation for her father as I have read in other blogs, she now calls him some really horrible and inflammatory names. It is not difficult to surmise that Michelle Wolferts like other protective moms is orchestrating it and that Brittany and her sisters may have some form of Stockholm Syndrome. What always surprises me is that in these cases, once custody is physically transferred to the custodial parent, the teenagers easily adopt to their custodial family. It is never easy for these kidnapped teenagers to live in hiding and having a stable environment makes a huge difference. They should have been in high school worried high school activities, grades and getting college like their older sister. Instead, they became part of a Teenager Family Abduction that many say is one of the most horrific forms of child maltreatment. In many of the parental kidnapping trials, testimony by child psychiatrists (medical doctors) are provided on the harmful emotional trauma inflicted on these children from the kidnapping. I think the only way for this family to move forward is for the criminal justice systems to prosecute both Michelle and Brittany for their criminal behavior. The teenagers need a new beginning and will be unable to do that without being removed from any contact with Michelle and Brittany. This has been done with success in other parental kidnapping/parental alienation cases.

      Thank you for your posting.

      The Editor

      About Family Abduction Watch
      This Family Abduction or Parental Kidnapping site monitors Family Abduction Searches, Hague Convention Cases, Recoveries, Trials and Sentencing. There should never be a reasonable legal excuse for a Domestic or International Parental Kidnapping.

    • What good is it doing this custodial father and his two teenaged daughters to have confidential medical documents leaked by a vindictive sister and a vindictive ex-wife?

      • underwatch says:

        Yes, this seems like cyberstalking or digital domestic violence. The sister is doing nothing to de-escalate the situation.

      • Britany is doing something that definitely should be considered to be cyberstalking. In which case she needs to be banned from speaking out for her sisters.
        I think that Danielle and Sydney absolutely need to speak for themselves. 17 and 15 is plenty old enough.

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